Desperate...midlife crisis or second chance?

  • This is my plea for help, lol. I have been a quasi-student of Astrology for the last 10 years, mostly to try to help heal myself and find my place in the world. Married to someone who doesn't understand me, three children I wouldn't harm for anything. Recently, someone from my past has re-entered my life....sparks like you read about. I have studied my chart, his chart, our chart, what I know of my husband's chart...looking for the right direction because I am so tired of taking the wrong path. I can provide natal info, I am just looking for some serious advice on which direction to take...keep the bird caged or set her free. Is there anyone who can help? My bday info...25 Sept 1969, husband's bday 2 Nov 1972, mysterious third's bday 4 March 1966.

  • Hi Hun,

    I am getting that this person from your past is more of an idealized love than your destiny, however I am also getting that he has appeared as a catalyst of sorts. Your marriage has some definite issues and you need to sort that out - this other man has just forced you to face this. So, first things with your marriage and forget about the astrological charts for now. Speak with your husband - lay your cards on the table about what's bothering you or what's missing for you and then listen to what he has to say. If the two of you truly feel that you cannot or do not want to make it work, then move forward with the dissolution of your marriage. The caution for you is to do this WITHOUT any thoughts/ideas about the person from your past. If you are only thinking of leaving your husband because of this other man and would not leave him otherwise then that would be a huge mistake as it points to seeking external validation. Once again, if you and your husband do decide to call it quits, then wait until that is resolved before proceeding slowly and cautiously with this other person. I think you will discover that the reality will not live up to the fantasy.



  • Thank you, and that has actually been my thought as well. Sparks can make us all feel young again, but they fade like fireworks on the 5th of July. Was hoping (sigh) that time and maturing might make a wonderful venus/mars relationship more permanent....but here's the loves and is good for girls, and I have always wished that my parents paid more attention to what the children needed than their own desires. I have the feeling, and with my sucky Saturn in the 7th...oh yes, this bird needs to go back into the cage to take care of the chicks. Thank you, watergirl, for helping me's to hoping that this incarnation takes care of that bad karma....but is an affair out of the question, lol...

  • And, meanwhile, how fair is it to have 5 serious planets in the 12th, and almost all opposed to moon in the 6th?? Must have really been a horrible person in the last life...seriously tired of being so conflicted.

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