Hanswolfgang your insight please

  • soulconfusion,

    what can i expect in my near future: abundance in all areas of your life and a general feeling that you are indeed blessed and deserving of everything that comes your way.

    what is my life going to be like: you have the power to bring great happiness to others and to share your contentment and positive energy.

    how do i find balance and knowing: Aggression cannot be simply suppressed; to do so will only turn it inward on yourself, leaving it to manifest itself in the form of physical illness.

    I say not to do anything at all. Just be quiet and be aware of your breathing. Consciously watch your breath. Witness the incoming and the outgoing of your breath. Don't make it a strenuous activity, just watch it in quiet, peaceful restful awareness. Then in a totally natural way and without knowing how, you will find you are experiencing a sensation that is tremendously pleasant. You will not be aware of how or when you entered that state, but suddenly you will be somewhere you have never been before. This, in fact, is the very place your consciousness has been forever.

  • dear hans when will my true love make his appearance,how will i recognize him and what is his personality llike?

  • soulconfusion,

    when will my true love make his appearance: when you have known not only living with the changing, with the impermanent, with the ephemeral, but also learn the new art of living with the eternal, the unchanging, the absolutely still, unmoving -- something beyond time and space.

    how will i recognize him: by the talks he will give.

    what is his personality llike? you are very impressed by his personality. He brings you to the palace and offeres you the choicest wine. He laughs and sings a song in which he tells you that he has already tasted the wine of God, now no other wine can affect him. You would do well to drink from hiss wine instead of the ordinary wine.

  • dear hans what should be my next move ?

  • soulconfusion,

    what should be my next move ? The sense of wonder. Children remain with the sense of wonder. Remember the word 'remain' -- they don't move from it; they move from one wonder to another, but they remain with the sense of wonder. Your mind distorts wonder immediately. For a single fragment of a moment you were in a state of wonder but the next moment the thinking has entered, you have started to think: From where do these thoughts come? Where do they go? Now there is no sense of wonder. Questions kill the sense of wonder because questions are already on the way towards answers. A question is an arrow, the target is the answer, and if you can receive the answer it will be the death of wonder. If you question, you have already moved, moved towards the answer, and if you get the answer the wonder is lost. That's why the more you become trained and disciplined in scientific answers, the more the sense of wonder is lost.

  • dear hans why do i feel very unsettled and uncertain what am i missing or not understanding what is the lesson

  • why do i feel very unsettled and uncertain: because when you are walking on a street, your mind is doing a thousand other things. Try just to walk; do not do anything else. It looks simple: it is not! It looks as if we are all doing it; it is not so! Move with every step. Just walk.

    what am i missing: nothing.

    what is the lesson: that you are eternal. You have always been here, and you will always be here -- in different forms, and ultimately in a state of formlessness. But you cannot be destroyed, you are indestructible. That takes all fear from you. And the disappearance of fear is the appearance of freedom. The disappearance of fear is the appearance of love.

  • hans what am i missing what am i looking for

  • soulconfusion,

    what am i missing: that he is back. that he relationship has totally changed. What has happened? Just a mechanical obsession is released.

    what am i looking for: for doing it better. The whole American system depends on doing better. "Do it better!" What you are doing is not the point. "If you are murdering people, do it better! " You can see what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki: America really did it in a better way than anybody else has ever done it. "Reach the moon! " Nobody asks why. If you ask why you are crazy; such questions are not to be asked. The only question worth asking is: "How to reach the moon in a better way than anybody else? Defeat Russia. It should be an American who is first to walk on the moon. " For what? That is not the point. As far as I am concerned, I can't see the point. The American standing on the moon looks so silly! But that is their way of thinking, their philosophy: "Even if you are looking silly, look silly in a better way. Defeat everybody else!"

  • i'm not afraid that i wont be able to take care of myself hans but more about what is the best choice to make in my decisions the isolation is dominant but why and where and when will the help come to me am i doing it right ?

  • why and where and when will the help come to me: even a beggar may have something better than you. Just the way he walks may have a grandeur, a carelessness. He has no worries, he has nothing to worry about. He sleeps in the street better than you sleep on the best mattress in the best house. The better the mattress, the worse the sleep. It is very strange but that's how it is, because for sleep what is needed is at least eight hours of hard work. That's the way your physiology is built. It has a built-in program. If you don't work eight hours at least, you can't have eight hours of deep, beautiful sleep.

    am i doing it right ? no.

  • dear hans something that came out of left field isgiving me anxiety i just didn't see it coming is this thing going to big issue what am i going to do or rather what should i do am i in trouble?

  • soulconfusion,

    is this thing going to big issue: yes.

    what am i going to do: go to someone whose whole profession is to help you -- but before he can help you, you must be put in a position where you need the help.

    what should i do: remain here and now. In time there is no present; present is not part of time. Present is part of eternity. Present means now and now knows no past and no future.

    am i in trouble? yes.

  • dear hans why has this trouble come to me

  • soulconfusion,

    why has this trouble come to me: because after that, what a great silence descends on you? Before the silence descends on you, a few laughs.

  • han i'm thinking of someone who's name begins with T what will play out in this scenario

  • soulconfusion,

    what will play out in this scenario: you will be at a loss. You will inquire of the elders in the society what to make of it. They will say, "You don't know the story of this someone who's name begins with T ; we know it...."

  • what is it that i don't know

  • iT has its own value. It has its own usefulness. It does not mean that you should not live with your feet on the ground in this world but should only float higher and higher into the sky. Really, the woman who wants to rise up towards the sky has to keep her feet firmly on the ground.

  • what is my purpose hans

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