Hanswolfgang your insight please

  • But this is how it is with everybody. You go on doing great things in your sleep, thinking that the whole world is noticing it, that the whole universe is taking great note of it, that you will be remembered for centuries, that you will have a place in history, that your name is going to be written in golden letters. In sleep one lives in the ego. As you wake up, suddenly you find ego disappearing. Just as the sun rises and the mist of the early morning disappears, ego disappears when you wake up.

    An understanding mind is a mind which has become awakened.

  • have a good new yeas hans ! no questions though i'm good 🙂

  • I have, soulconfusion! Because you are good, you have no questions 🙂

    You are not separate from existence, there is nobody else. It is all one, it is one organic unity. We are all waves of the same ocean. Hurting another wave is hurting yourself. It is like hitting your hand, one hand with another hand. It is childish, it is insane. Sometimes small children do that. If the table has hurt them they hit the table hard; they are hurt more, but they enjoy. They think they are punishing the table.

  • dear hans i'm unsure about the type of help i should seek now or if i should even seek help at all i'm not crossing that bridge why the fear and why am i unable at this time to feel that inner knowing am iof my path?

  • im unsure about the type of help i should seek now or if i should even seek help at all: yes, you should seek that type of help which is up to you. There are people for whom life is a drag, and there are people for whom even death is a dance.


    and why am i unable at this time to feel that inner knowing: because you must have read my story. On your beautiful picture -- in which you look so innocent, just like a flower -- on the side I have written, "soulconfusion, this too will pass."

    am iof my path? yes.

  • since off off my path what do i need to do to get back on?

  • since i"m off my path*

  • Understand the process of the ego. How does the ego live? The ego lives in the tension between what you are and what you want to be. 'A' wants to be 'B', the ego is created from this very tension.

  • got it thanks !

  • When one has to find one's own way, why create this jungle of details? I simply give a light to you -- and that light will be enough, you will be able to find your path. I don't give you the map and I don't give you instructions: 'First go a hundred miles this way, then move to the right and then to the left.' The journey is such that no details are possible.

  • dear hans with D.H show up in my life again?

  • soulconfusion,

    with D.H show up in my life again? no.

    At least for a few months you have to function on new principles. Then the old becomes rotten, loses functioning, and you have a new mind to work with. You don't fall into the old again and again.

  • dear hans do i risk everything at this point there is a little fear with that... how will i get by that is the fear i don't want to be clouded by fear and make decisions based on what i can see but more on what is in the wings and what will be available to me

  • soulconfusion,

    do i risk everything at this point: yes.

    how will i get by: by returning the fear to whom it belongs. You have kept it for many years, this was a guardianship, but it is not yours. Now don't carry it on unnecessarily. You go back and give the fear to that girl. It is hers, give it back. It is hers, your caretaking is over now. You have arrived where you were to deliver it, now the matter is finished. The fear is for the one whose heart contains love for it. Who else?

  • ...hello Hans I'm no longer fearful but I'm overwhelmed by all the ideas and creative thoughts that I am getting that I am confused as to what direction I should take there are a couple task I need and have been trying to take care of but it seems to be above my head and now I feel immobilized I can"t see the forest for the trees I am out of my element and don't see how to proceed

  • it is better to fight all over the forest simultaneously than to fight for different tasks at different times, because the fight is the same; why not make it a concentrated effort all over the trees?

  • dear hans

    why do i keep worrying that i'm not doing enough i feel useless i'm not making progress in the basic daily task that i think i should of already accomplish the feeling of failure or being immobile is driving me nuts time is looming and i'm waiting for the vail to be lifted my nervousness steams from the threat of having my basic needs not met my physical survival seem shaky

  • veil*

  • soulconfusion,

    why do i keep worrying that i'm not doing enough: because you have the same kind of mentality and the same psychology as a politician has. But you could not succeed in being a politician, you're a failure; that's why you become revengeful and go into the direction of crime. The politician is the successful criminal. But nothing succeeds like success. Once she's successful, she forgets everything about her criminal mind.

  • i'm even confused more than before.... lol

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