Hanswolfgang your insight please

  • hans how do i create something ?

  • soulconfusion,

    what is my purpose: that it will make you more humble, more prayerful. It will make you more aware of the limitations of life. It will make you more understanding of other people. When you see somebody running in fear you will not condemn him. You will feel for him, you will feel sympathetic.

    how do i create something ? Since you've been here feel as if you're dreaming... everything seems blurry around you. It's as if something in you is asleep.

    Feel like you have never felt like that before.

  • dear hans where is mark when do we meet again

  • where is mark: where there is eternal bliss, maybe with sally.

    when do we meet again: never unless you are ready for insecurity; when you are no more coming to a guru, to a master, to seek protection, shelter, to hide behind him. You are seeking a father figure.

  • what have you to say hans about E.S.K ? what should that be

  • soulconfusion,

    what have you to say hans about E.S.K ? He had twenty-three predecessors -- he was in a difficulty. And there were so many miracles about those twenty-three predecessors that he looked poor.

    what should that be: there is a trick. All the sheep are hypnotized, and he has told them in their hypnosis: 'You are not a sheep. You are not a sheep at all. All the others are sheep, but you are not. You are a lion!' So every sheep believes that she is a lion and that every other sheep is just a sheep."

  • ok hans but what does he has to do with me

  • have*

  • None

  • hans what was i in past lives who am i in this one

  • soulconfusion,

    what was i in past lives: a personality which was something that was given by the society, by the religion, by education, by your profession. You had got a certain personality. That has been gone because it was a social product. But you were born with an individuality of your own. With death, you have been taking your individuality with you. Everything else that you had earned on the way has been taken back; it did not belong to you. Your degrees, your prizes, your awards, your Nobel prizes, your prestige, your reputation -- everything has been dropped. That was your personality.

    who am i in this one: the teacher. And also remember that not only you are the teacher -- the others are also teachers. So teach them and also learn from them... Let it be a sharing.

  • dear hans something doesn't feel right why don't i feel right

  • because when this comes within your understanding, then you let things happen. You are neither the doer nor the non-doer. Then you let things happen as they will and you merely watch them happening. Then you reach the state that feels right.

  • dear hans i've has a situation for over 20yrs that cannot seem to be resolved i've attempted a few times but with disaster and or failure i had left it alone knowing i haven't a clueor the luck to rectify it what should i do would it ever be resolved it has been a door keeping me from doing most things

  • i've had not has *

  • soulconfusion,

    what should i do: Jesus is right when he says woman cannot live by bread alone, but this is only a half-statement. The other half has not to be forgotten: woman cannot live without bread either. And in fact, the bread is very fundamental, your body is very fundamental. If your body is ill, hungry, in pain, you cannot compose poetry, you cannot paint, or even if you paint your painting will remain that of suffering. If you compose music your music will be nothing but your cry, your scream. If you write poetry your poetry will be political. Your poetry will not be poetry at all but slogans. The bodily needs have to be fulfilled first. Yes, but don't get stuck there.

    would it ever be resolved: yes.

  • Everything is changing around you. Don't get fixed ideas; otherwise you will be confused. And don't listen to what others say; listen to your own heart.

  • i'm stuck hans when will i see the direction to go when will i understand i'm getting a little nervous

  • soulconfusion,

    when will i see the direction to go: when it is reported in the newspapers that they appoint a commission to investigate Satya Sai Baba, Guru Maharaj-ji, Muktananda, and other Etcetera Etceteranandas. They are very happy to have a commission, but then there is fear. And that looks logical -- if you want to investigate one, then why not all? That is the first problem they will have to face.

    when will i understand: are you crazy, dear? Where did you get such a silly idea?

    Oh, come on, hans, I really want an understanding!"

    Don't bother me now, dear.

  • : / ok

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