Hanswolfgang your insight please

  • dear hans i've had a disturbing dream of a sick or wounded fox that just gave birth to a baby that was dying what can it mean

  • There is an ancient story from Tibet: There was a small mosquito. Since the story was written by man, he calls the mosquito small. Actually, it was the biggest among mosquitoes. Nay, he was the king of mosquitoes! Now some mosquitoes lived on the dung-hill, others in trees, yet others in various other places but it became a problem as to where they should house their king. Then the ear of an elephant was agreed upon as a befitting place for his residence. Now all the mosquitoes went up to their king and requested him to go and stay in the elephant's ear as that was, according to them, the worthiest place for their monarch. The king went up to the elephant's ear and proclaimed: "Listen O beast! I, the king of the mosquitoes, have decided to honour you by condescending to make your ear my abode!" Thrice he made this proclamation for it was not considered proper to occupy a place within someone and not even inform him.

    The elephant stood silent. The mosquito thought, "Silence is acceptance, and hence the elephant is silent." He stayed many years thus. He would fly in and out; he bred his young ones and his family increased considerably. In spite of this, there was ample place even to entertain guests! Then the mosquitoes decided to find another place for their king. Before leaving, the mosquito stood once again before the elephant's ear and said, "Listen O beast! I, the king of the mosquitoes, had graciously adorned your ear by making it my royal residence. Now I go!" But there was not a sound from the elephant. Should he take this silence as a sign of acceptance, even now? This was rather difficult and degrading. But perhaps the elephant has not heard, for he neither says yes nor does he say no! The mosquito called out louder and louder. At last a faint voice reached the elephant's ears -- "I, the king of mosquitoes. stayed within your ear out of great compassion. Can you hear me or not?"

    The elephant replied: "Respected Sir, I do not know when you came How long you stayed, I do not know. You come and stay, do whatever you like, I have no knowledge of it!"

    I tell this story with a purpose.

    Man comes into the world. He creates philosophies. Religious Paths, Truth, Principles and words. He shouts from all the four corners of the vast existence: "Listen ye all -- Ram is His name!" or, "Listen ye all -- Krishna is His name!" The skies are silent. That Infinite Expanse has no knowledge of this. The elephant did finally hear the mosquito, for in spite of the great difference in size there is no qualitative difference between the two -- the elephant is a giant mosquito and the mosquito is a diminutive elephant. There is no qualitative difference to make communication impossible. It is possible, though with some difficulty. The mosquito will have to speak very loudly and the elephant will have to hear more intently. But this is not impossible.

    But between Existence and your mind there is not even this little bit of connection -- or is there? It is not aware of the fact that you are born, though you proclaim it with feast and music to all the world; nor is it conscious of your death! You come and you go; you are like the line drawn over water -- no sooner are you formed than you are destroyed. But in this very short period between the line's formation and extinction, God knows how many words you create, how many Shastras and Organisations you create! You spread a whole web of your mind within such a short period.

  • dears hans i'm here yet nowhere don't know if to stay put or move forward and then again what is forward i haven't a clue i can't forgive myself for doing nothing

  • Don´t stay put, move forward, now or at least as soon as possible.

    But what is forward? I give you this clue: The whole world lives in dreams. If you want to live with them, you have to be a part. You say: 'Yes. So beautiful' -- but then you are wearied and tired. And the whole life seems like a long boredom, non-ending.. And again and again, the same routine you follow. And again and again, you come to the same frustration.

    And to forgive yourself for doing nothing, to accept yourself when you are doing nothing, to uinderstand yourself why you are doing nothing, even to love yourself doing nothing, contemplate about this poem:





    All that is needed is for you to sit silently doing nothing -- the spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.

  • dear hans i'm moving a little and i feel like i'm aware of the next few steps to take but i'm angry all the time and feeling the emotion of jealousy : /

  • The lowest lotus is the sex lotus. If you remain there you will remain in a dark night. The last lotus, the seventh, SAHASRAR, is the lotus where the moon becomes full. Move from sex to love. Love is the quality or the function of the woman who has come to SAHASRAR; sex is the quality and the function of the woman who lives at the lowest lotus.

    And don't be worried, sing your song...

  • because the innocent word "s-e-x" is being censored here, the four stars stand for that unspeakable word.

  • oh thank you hans lol

  • dear has let me just say the last few days has been hellish i absolutely don't know where i'm at i feel like i've regressed i'm making tiny step but i lost it for a few day and was in total insanity and now i'm sure of nothing i know i'm taken care of but i'm sure of nothing and it's been hell i feel like giving up the fight but i know i can't or i know i don't want too


  • i see enough to understand i will die i must die but i'm not dead nor did i die but that i die so i can live this is as much as my mind knows that which is hidden can not be discribed or understood by me but just enough to keep me on the path i know nothing

  • This miracle is happening all around -- every single moment. Watch for these miracles, and feel for these miracles. This is the temple of love -- this ray coming from the sun... this violet flower opening. This is the temple of creativity. A far away star reflecting in a small pool in your garden.... Look at that shimmering light! It is so incredible!

  • dear has where has everyone gone from my life i don't think there is one more person left in my life all my relations has left or i had to get out of my life cause it was exhausting i am nothing i have nothing i know no one what else can i lose cause there is no one left : /

  • where has everyone gone from my life: It is possible that these things will happen when you are not feeling any energy, because when you are feeling energy, you are engaged in your ordinary everyday affairs. When you are no more feeling energy and you are not engaged in your routine, your mental work, there is a possibility for the unconscious to open a door. Because you were trying hard to listen and you were not feeling energetic, you had no energy to move in the ordinary way of the mind. That created the situation -- hence this experience came.

    what else can i lose cause there is no one left: Hotei, a Zen master, was passing through a village He was one of the most beautiful persons who have ever walked on earth. He was known to people as 'The Laughing Buddha' -- he used to laugh continuously. But sometimes he would sit under a tree -- in this village he was sitting under a tree, with closed eyes; not laughing, not even smiling; completely calm and collected.

    Somebody asked: "You are not laughing, Hotei?"

    He opened his eyes and he said, "I am preparing."

    The questioner could not understand. He said, "What do you mean by 'preparing'?"

    He said, "I have to prepare myself for laughter. I have to give myself rest. I have to go in. I have to forget the whole world so that I can come again rejuvenated and I can again laugh."

    If you really want to laugh you will have to learn how to weep. If you cannot weep and if you are not capable of tears, you will become incapable of laughter. A woman of laughter is also a woman of tears -- then a woman is balanced. A woman of bliss is also a woman of silence. A woman who is ecstatic is also a woman who is centered. They both go together. And out of this togetherness of polarities a balanced being is born. And that is what the goal is.

  • dear hans sometimes fear grips me i feel uncertain as if something is about to happen is something about to happen ?

  • dear soulconfusion, something is not about to happen.

  • hello Hans hope all is well with you as with me

  • Hello Hans,

    I am stuck with my life for several years now.

    And I need a change!

    Last month I had send my resume to a newspaper company,for a job.

    do you see me getting the job or any job?

    At my current job, do you see me getting a promotion or a better salary?

    I'm kind of lonely, do you see me with another man?

    December 9 1962, 4.40 pm

  • hello Hans... it has been awhile hope all is well with you i have a question to ask about someone that i'm seeing initials CQ i'm a bit unsure about him and have a little anxiety concerning him don't know ihow to proceed with him any insite into his character or this relationship would be appreciated thank you in advance

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