Hanswolfgang your insight please

  • dear hans i feel so unforgiving memories of my past now faces me for the first time in years i don't know how to come to terms with these experiences

  • But when you bring these experiences into words you have to come down from the faraway stars to the muddy earth, and much is lost on the way. And by the time you have reached to the world of language, if you know the experience you are surprised that this word has not even a faraway echo of the reality in it.

  • so hans here i am moody highs lows but i feel the stillness and know it's just passing through and that there is and will always be highs lows i'm a bit frustrated but more now adjusted i'm still here

  • That is what Mahavir calls pratycraman, looking back; what Patanjali calls pratyahar, looking in. That's what Jesus calls repentance. That's what Buddha calls pashchattap. It is not feeling sorry, it is not just feeling bad about it, because that is not going to help. It is becoming aware, it is reliving the experience as it should have been. You have to move into it again.

  • thank you Hans, sometimes i go through all the old questions and comments in this thread and i smile, i chuckle and i laugh cause somethings that i did not fully understand then are so clear now somethings i intellectually understood then are so vivid now as i awake i now see that actually at the time i didn't understand at all i find humor in that thanks again

  • My son, Hans Junior, comes back from college and asks me a riddle: "What is long and hard and leaks?"

    "Son!" I exclaim, "I can't believe you would use such vulgar expressions."

    "Don't get excited, Dad," says the boy. "It is a pen."

    I am very amused by this trick, and I decide to repeat it at my next church gathering.

    "My son told me this riddle which he heard at college," I brag, proudly. "What is long and hard and leaks?"

    There is a gasp from my listeners and the ladies all raise their hands to their mouths in horror.

    "Don't get excited, ladies," I say. "It is a pen, not a prick!"

  • lol

  • So when you are awake and so many thoughts and the mind noise and the ordinary traffic of inside goes on, it is difficult to make a contact. When you are going to sleep and thoughts are disappearing and by and by silence is settling and you are relaxing, you are getting ready to go into rest, then there is more possibility.

  • hanswolfgang

    Dropping by to send hugs and love:-)

    Really liked what you said about pratikraman and paschataap.

  • see you on the further shore 🙂

  • hey hans 🙂 its been a while

    i would like you to ask some questions

    should i stay there on college or should i move, and why?

    does he likes me, who should i choose, him or her?

  • should i stay there on college or should i move: you should stay there on college

    and why? George Bernard Shaw has said that there is only one golden rule, that there are no golden rules. Remember it, there is no golden rule -- there cannot be, because each individual is so unique that nobody can prescribe. So I simply give you a sense.... And my sense is not of principles, of laws; my approach is of awareness, because today you may need more food and tomorrow you may not need that much food. It is not only a question of you being different from others -- every day of your life is different from every other day. The whole day you have rested, you may not need much food. The whole day you have been in the garden digging the hole, you may need much food. You should be just alert and you should be capable of listening to what the body is saying. Go according to the body.

    does he likes me: no.

    who should i choose, him or her? him.

  • thank you for your insight

    why should i choose him, especially if he doesnt like me?

  • because thirst is perfectly beautiful, because it is only through thirst that you will know what contentment is, what the beauty is of feeling quenched. If you are really thirsty then you will know the joy of drinking water. If you are really hungry then you will know the joy of eating food.When you are burning, like fire, only then contentment happens. And love is the ultimate contentment. It happens to the religious person who lives through discontent. A religious person is one who is thirsty.

  • dear hans a family member is drainingme of my energy how should i handle her what does she want how can i detach from her

  • how should i handle her: she has used a very cunning way to destroy your mind, so that you can remain satisfied that you have your mind and in fact, you don't have it. She has put all kinds of contradictory things in it.

    what does she want: that what has happened to many religious people: they have become incapable of doing anything; they are simply carrying their boat. Go and see the Hindu monasteries, Catholic monasteries, Buddhist monasteries -- what are people doing? They are just doing religion; the whole life has been dropped. They are just praying, or just meditating. What are they doing? Life is not enriched by them. They are not creative. They are a curse, they are not a blessing. Life does not become more beautiful because of them. They are not helping in any way. But they are very serious people, and they look continuously engaged; for twenty-four hours they are engaged. They are carrying a boat on their heads. Their ritual is their boat.

    how can i detach from her: by tantra. 'Tan' means expansion, and 'tra' means explosion. Tantra means explosion by expanding your consciousness. In the hippie jargon they have a word which means exactly tantra -- mind-blowing; that is what tantra is. And when you start expanding your consciousness it cannot be contained in the head. The head is a very small place, very crowded, already too crowded. A thousand thoughts and desires are clamouring, it is a marketplace. Even while you are asleep it goes on functioning, it goes on chattering.When you start expanding then naturally you have to find a bigger place for yourself, and that is the heart. Then you start slipping from the head into the heart. The heart has great possibilities. It is an infinity.

  • thank you has

  • *Hans

  • Listen to the Buddhas. Be more silent, quiet, calm. In your silence you will disappear, and then the agreement, then the harmony... It is not a question of agreeing philosophically, it is a question of being harmonious with the awakening, falling in tune with your being. That's what real agreement is.

  • well received ..... namaste

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