Hanswolfgang your insight please

  • what am i revengeful about ?

  • There is no God to betray, there is no religious doctrine to betray -- they are all fictions. The only reality you can betray is your own being. By betraying yourself, you lose self-respect; and once a woman loses self-respect, she lives like a wound that goes on hurting more and more as times passes.

  • soulconfusion,

    what am i revengeful about ?

    One Friday night Bob came home earlier than usual and surprised his attractive wife in bed with another man. Becoming enraged, he seized a pistol he kept hidden in his dresser and shot the lovers to death.

    A next-door neighbor, Jim, was discussing the tragedy with some friends a few days later. Jim said, "Well, after all, it is not the worst thing that could have happened."

    The others jumped on him. "What do you mean? Two people dead, and Bob may be about to be executed!"

    Jim replied, "Well, I still say it could have been worse. If Bob had come home early on Thursday night, I would be dead!"

  • maybe i'm too close to the problem to understand what you mean i'm just trying to figure out why i've not been able to be creative enough to get all the stuff i need done to get my buiness going so that i can earn an income i'm not working and money is increasingly low i just don't know what i'm doing or not doing wrong

  • right*

  • why i've not been able to be creative enough to get all the stuff i need done to get my buiness going so that i can earn an income: Adolf Hitler, in his autobiography, MEIN KAMPF, says, 'The only difference I know between a lie and a truth is that a truth is nothing but a lie often repeated.' So you become hypnotized by it -- and you can see it happening everywhere.

    what i'm doing or not doing wrong: Your attention is diverted.

  • i understand now where i am and where i'm going to be the mind really is under construction not my will but thy will

  • At first it may become very very difficult, but then the turning point will come. And once you can love darkness you have achieved something valuable, because darkness is more primal than light.

  • dear hans please a story .... feeling very shaky here






  • thank you so very much

  • Nobody knows. You don't even know from where you come. But those other people think they know well.

  • where do i come from?

  • This is the difference between dreaming and reality. For a meditative mind, or for the science of meditation, this is the only difference. If you are, then the whole reality is just a dream. If you are not, then the dreaming becomes reality.

  • dear hans something is happenening i'm feeling really down and low and for no reason that i can put my finger on i feel like my mind is going to explode .......this too shall pass? what is the significance

  • this too shall pass? no.

    Then it is okay, you will sleep. And if you say that you are a spiritual woman, then certainly you should not be afraid of death.

  • dear hans does he realise who i am does he know we will meet , is he aware? does he suspect ?

  • does he realise who i am: no

    does he know we will meet: no

    is he aware? yes

    does he suspect ? yes

  • dear hans i have a financial issue that is coming up soon how will it work out what should i be mindful of?

  • how will it work out : Once I was traveling by train to Delhi. A gentleman was with me in the same compartment. On our way we came across a big building, and around it were a few huts. The gentleman, pointing the big house out to me, said, "Do you see that large mansion, how it has become so big? It has done so at their cost, at the cost of those huts. It is responsible for their miserable state!" I said to him, "You see it the wrong way. You remove the big house from their midst, and see what happens. The small ones will not become big with the removal of the big building; rather, they will just disappear. It is because of the construction of that large building that the huts have come into being; it is as it should be. The small ones owe their existence to the large house. No house can be built alone. When a large house is constructed, ten small ones come up in its wake. After all, who is going to work for the construction of the big house? And if you pull it down, all others will soon disappear." It will work out like this....

    what should i be mindful of? that the moment you will see pictures, you are no more in your senses. That is the moment when you transcend your mind. That is an opportunity for you to go into meditation, otherwise you are a very rational woman, very much tethered to the mind. Whatsoever you go on saying is just mind-stuff. You have transcended the mind, but the way you express you use your mind only.

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