HELP Me.. Find a lost Credit Card....ASAP

  • its NOT like me to misplace something like this... and the worse thing about it... it doesn't even belong to me.. but I had it last.. I've looked in the only places I could think of having it... last had it on Wednesday...

  • Hi Misswishy ,

    Are you sure the person it belongs to hasnt taken it back out of your purse without you knowing?

  • Nope.. my husband handed it back to me on Wednesday.. and from the driveway back into the house I had it. I always kept it in my purse with my other cards, and it's not there... This is a gas credit card that is in my MIL's name that she gives to us... and it was just replaced a few weeks ago because my husband lost it ... now it appears to be my fault..... I feel horrible..and I'm out of places to search.. I just hope it's not out there somewhere being used...ya know how high gas prices are...

  • Does anyone see anything??? I'm going crazy!

  • Hi Misswishy,

    I understand how you feel have you checked your purse thoroughly ?as i thought i lost my medicare card i went back to all the places i had used it no one had handed it in then low and behold i found it behind another card in my purse . Take a few deep breaths your only human sometimes no matter how organised we are things get the better of us ,i lost my sons reading glasses and i always looked after them made sure they were put back in the case then one day i went to get them for him and the case was empty , i went frantic looking for them as well when my littleone said he threw them in the bin because they got stomped on ,The Captain confirmned this for me mybe you should start a new thread asking her for help she is very good . I hope you find it soon

    Take care love and light Loap:)

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