Help please

  • I need help. I am not looking for a happy ending or what i want to hear. I was in a relationship and was very happy, something happened and he shut off and wont speak to me at all, he says he is in therapy? i have caught him in some huge lies, i have not confronted him about them yet.. i get no replies or responses to my text or calls, which i sent at a very reasonable unclingly type rate, i explained i understood he needed time and space and i feel i have been very very unselfish.... he initiated the relationship and droped the Lword first so him totally going recluse on me has me in devastation mode...

    I have come to terms with the fact im not going to talk to him for awhile if ever again, I want to heal and am having a hard time going on due to 0 closure. its been weeks and i cant get over it and i dont want to deal with him again most of the time, but i can't shake the fact that he will be back... i have no idea what to do or how to deal, this is the worst thing i have ever gone through...

  • I'm sorry to hear that you're hurting.

    What do you plan to do if you don't want to reach out to him anymore? You have to accept if you want to move on and let go of this love.

    But if you want to make it work it will depend on how much you are will to make it work and it will depend also on the other as well as the situation now. Anything is possible if there is love.

    Missing out complete details as well as the guy's side.

    What is his sign and yours? Just curious.

  • Both libras, Libra 1 and libra 2 if that makes a difference.... hmm complete story

    perfect fast past magnetic instantaneous attraction, both cautious both wanna make it last. long distance relationship he was determined to make work, he convinced me it could.

    i cant reach out to him anymore i tried its been a month and i slowly went from a reply now and then to no reply... he told me he was having a hard time because his dad was on hospice and wasnt gonna make it through the weekend... (last weekend) Just found out this thursday his dad was at a protest? doesnt sound like a dying man... i sent him a text today that said i wasnt mad i was hurt and hoped he was in therapy to tell a lie like that, i wished him the best and i hope that he will find someone he wont hurt and he will let love him, i got no reply...

    i just want to heal

  • DizzyLoveYou,

    I am sorry you are hurting and can see that you are struggling to make sense of this situation, but what is needed now is for you to accept that he has his own issues to work on right now and just let go...cut the umbilical cord so to speak. This man was not being truthful with you and is somewhat of a manipulator. This "cutting" is necessary for you so that you don't remain stuck- look at the situation logically rather than through your emotions so you can see the truth. Release the feelings of betrayal, loss and loneliness and the heartache and grief will fade as you do.



  • I know, its just so hard, i am a person who faces people, works through things. I dont hide the truth or run from it and from what i understand Libras are justice seekers odd for him to behave this way, you guys are right, I do need to let go... this was the guy i just knew i was gonna marry i never felt that way before... i been trying to cut, everyday i tell myself this is the day im gonna let it go, everyday! i feel like a piece of me has been stolen. I promised myself today I would never try to contact him again, its not worth it anymore

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