Someone please help me find something!!!

  • Hello,

    I hope that someone can help me find my Rosetta Stone Russian Language Learning Software. I have the audio CD components but I've lost the CD, the computer software, and that's what I'm looking for. It's level 1 and it's very expensive and I stopped using it for awhile so it's very important that I find it and continue using it. It's expensive and I want to make sure that I get full use out of it.

    This Thursday I'm leaving for a month long trip so I would need to find it soon, please. My room is a mess this is why it's hard. Does anyone sense anything???



    I hope someone can help me...

  • Hi Nina,

    All I am getting is that it is buried underneath something and it's down low. Have you thoroughly checked beneath your bed? If it's not there, then start looking underneath piles of things on the floor...


  • Watergirl, I think you picked up on how my room is messy in the sense that I have stacks of things everywhere. I'll start going through the piles...



  • Do you think that "down low" could mean that it's buried in a cluttered drawer that's low to the ground...? (will check there too for now)

  • I got a sense of you having to actually lay down on your stomach at first...that's where I got looking under the bed. Lots of images with your head looking down and also of a hand lifting something up....that's where I got it would be underneath something. Good luck!

  • Nothing under the bed. 😞 I'll keep on looking under stuff.

  • Still haven't found it, guys. Any insight at all, whether it's from someone who's already answered and sees something deeper or someone who's new to this question and thinks they have useful information, would be appreciated. Would really love to find this thing before Thursday!

  • Try looking in another CD sleeve, i don't think its in the original one..Good luck

    love and light


  • The logical thing to do would be to clear out the mess. If you clear out all the unnecessary stuff, it will show up, probably in a place you already looked and missed it.



  • Thanks MyJourney I will look through other CD sieves and cases.

  • i hope you found your CD DesiringLove, have a safe trip...

    love and light


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