Are we going to work out?

  • I want to know if the guy Im currently in love with if we will work out? We've been on a huge downfall and I really want things to work out.

  • what you need to ask yourself is this man or your perception of this man the same as it was when you first met him and got involved with him? sometimes we try to defend and keep alive something that takes too much of our time and energy to keep afloat is the burden to heavy or great ? does he carry his load in the relationship i don't see him doing that so ultimately the choice is yours as far as if it will last or not you have free will in this particular relationship it's not destined

  • No you're right I am the only doing any kind work and even want this to happen. I told him it upset me that there was some girl on hif facebook from the town he just moved to and he gets mad at me for not liking it and hes still friends with her after I told him to remove her.

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  • Carly83,

    I asked "What is the outllook for your relationship" and received the Page of Wands.

    I would say there is a very positive outlook for your relationship! My first thought was there are some communication issues you are dealing with, (hence the feeling of a downturn in the relationship. I wouldn't be concerned). The overall note is one of passion and commitment between you.

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  • Thank you AstraAngel!!! I will keep positive on this & keep pulling through. Thank you!

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  • Hi Carly83

    I pulled the TWO OF WANDS so another wand in your Quiver.

    The two wands is all about taking charge and taking responsibility for your own actions.

    It sounds to me like the wands energy (spirit and fire) are very strong between the two of you. I would not be concerned about his "other" girlfriends or whatnot. You are the real Star in this drama, keep your focus on HEAVEN, YOU and then HIM in that order.

    What's going to happen next with the two of you?

    KNIGHT OF PENTACLES - this Knight signals loyalty in a friendship. So I would keep a kind, friendship between the two of you regardless.

    What is your best course of action towards him at this time?

    SEVEN OF CUPS - this sounds to me like you are due for some dream time for YOURSELF. In other words, imagine you can have any life, with any guy you want. Imagine your life the way you would like, and then you can sort out your current relationship in this light. Is he moving me closer, or further away, from where I feel I should go in my life.

    and also


    Tells me that if you do these things, and spend some quality time by yourself (and with your angel) searching your own heart about this love, and your OWN life path, you will ultimately find CELEBRATION and your heart's desires all coming to pass. The focus should be on YOU as a divine spiritual being, and as you come to understand yourself better, these relationship issues will all fall into place.

    I hope that helps! Stay in prayer, take some walks by yourself in a park or something, and pour out your heart to Heaven, they are waiting for your call! You take care, I can sense your heart is very tender and loving.. one way or the other you WILL find the love you deserve!


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