Captain -- In need of a vibe reading -- thank You !!

  • Captain,

    I have a trusting experience on you're vibe readings and I would like to get one at this moment. I feel I am on a verge of a big change. once you told me: 'you are lucky on this subject,' another time you told me the time is not ripped yet,' so now I want you to see it again if 'should I go for it ' or this is gone be costly. I am with all my heart for this change, but not all is as it should be. However, I feel I should go for it. even against the current. even if the lesson is to be learned. i am guide by dreams, but mostly lately, my intuition. However, curious to know what do you feel and see.

    Happy to see you back,


  • Bump 🙂

  • Bump 🙂

  • Captain If you are around please ! 🙂

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