Confused with cancer man

  • Hey all,

    Thank you so much for your responses. I do appreciate every bit of advise i could get. Ashley, how do i keep on talking to him if he don't respond to anything...... My gut feeling tells me that he does care but something must have happened. My biggest concern is that i do not want to irritate him if he does not want to hear from me. I know nothing about cancerian men... the bit i do know is what i learned on this forum. I am straightforward and find it difficult to understand why he would not tell me what's going on. Even if he just say he doesn;t want to see or hear from me, then at least i know. How do i get the message across that i care about him...?

  • you have to give him space. im having trouble with my marriage so i shouldnt be giving you advise but im a cancer and he may just need some space. please just take of you. he will come back around if not....some people come into your life for a season, a year or just for that time. pray and hope he reaches out. maybe being back with his wife is what makes him happy, if you want him to be happy nomatter what just have patience and let him reach out to you. but still put #1 first and thatsyou, it will be hard but life is to short. live your life,what is ment for you is ment for you.

  • Hi guys. I need your opinions esp from a cancerian male please ... I am a taurus woman married to a cancerian guy, we've been married for 7 years. I would say for that span of time we had our struggles esp when it comes to emotional and communication openness. Oftentimes, i would have my emotional breakdown and he would just listen and let me cool off then he would reach out to me again. He's been a great husband and good father to our son. It was sort of became a routine, when I became depressed, I would have that breakdown .... esp this past couple of months when we are both stressed at work then 2 months ago, he snapped and he said he had enough and dont want me anymore. Of course, I did not want to end the marriage so I've done everything ... then he said if I dont want to throw everything away, I should move out of our house and we'll talk In Dec. I came back after 2 weeks because of my son and he was so pissed about it that he said he would divorce me because i did not keep my promise. I told him if he's gonna divorce me then I will just stay with them and wait for the result. All along I thought he filed already but after 3 days he told me to go for awhile and give him the space as per our original agreement. He gave in to what I want in the end. What do u guys think?

  • I forgot to mention, as if all of the things I said that was hurtful to him before, he is giving them back twice hurtfully .... I mean does my husband still wants me or he's just really pissed right now? His relationship with our son was not affected in anyway...

  • Hello Everyone,

    I wasn't into star signs till i've met this gorgeous cancerian man. We've been together now for 5months. After the 1st month he's told me he wants to be with me forever and wants children,house,marriage...Then we entered the 2nd months when he started to show a sign of a true cancerian. He was ignoring me till i had enough and i asked him to meet me for a chat. I asked him directly to tell me what was the problem and he said everything is fine. Then i thought ok lets try a different angle so i asked the same thing on a very hidden and soft way and he's openned up. He's told me how worried about that we don't feel the same way...also told me he often goes in to his shell and sitts there till he's ready to come out. I asked him what should i do when he goes "passive". The answer surprised me. He said just keep talking to me and dont leave me alone. So there we're now Yes sometimes he fries my head off but now that i understand him a lot more it makes it easier for me. Imagine how hard it is for them to be always scarred, worried, passive, deffensive and GOD soooo moody...So this is what i suggest.

    • Don't try make things better over a phonecall or text message. It is better if you talk to them face to face (if you can). They'll feel much more comfortable and they can't run away...he he

    • A few carring texts that mentionned before. Ohhhh they looove them! Do it!

    • They love humor. If i can't get anywhere then i come up with a joke. Again, it brakes the ice and they'll be more relaxed and ready to talk.

    • Never push him!

    • Ask him about his day and about his family.

    -When he's in the mood then you can't do anything but wait and be there for him with a smile when he comes out of his shell

    -If it all gets too much then you need to talk to him. He'll listen.

    I know its hard but once you understand him a bit moe then it'll be EASIER.

  • This along with all the other threads on Cancers have been so great!!.. I started dating a cancer man in March and I can say the exact same thing happened as has happened with almost everyone - intense at first, then a withdraw, but still involved....

    Georga - your advice resonates well with other advice I've received in another thread and I have been doing all of that and it really does work. I think to be with a cancer, it is really important to be comfortable with space between you - knowing he/she will come back to you - you just need to give them some space and not push on them. They will respect that. During that time, do your own thing, but not things that would hurt them, just your own stuff.

    I think with any person, if they stop talking to you and you reach out and they simply do not respond and this has been going on for over a month, then they are not interested, at leasat not right now....

  • Yes they are wonderful although I have to say I do get tired with it sometimes. It is all about him. I have to be patient, ready to talk when he leaves the shell, listen and very careful with not just what i'm saying BUT how i'm saying it.....Sometimes not a peace of cake but i adore him so here i am reading your comments guys just incase i can pick up another new info that can help to make things easier.

  • if you go to the thread - ok what is it with cancer men - there are some good insights in there as well. I started that one myself and feel that I got some good advice that really helped me a lot

    But you are correct, it will feel as though it is all about him because we have to actively manage how we feel around what he is doing.... but that will shift over time or at least should once the "real" relationship begins, meaning once he is full in. Then it is going to be a give and take just as with any other relationship.

    Good luck

  • it's taken me 8 months but the keys are-patience on your part.

    let him know you are in love but don't push it down his throat-me and mine were cat & mouse until he confronted me with the question of was i in love with him as he'd been told. once i admitted that things got better. not hook, line, sinker, but it did begin the relationship we are now in. he is still insistent we are friends via his mouth-but his actions say a whole different thing. i now have a house key of his, among other things.

    also, be just a little mysterious, you don't have to betray him, but don't always jump to answer a call or text. sometimes i wait until the next day or whatever and it works better. they are always testing you without seeming to know it. you have to also make him know he is the only one for you. if they think you are going to cheat-even if you're close friends LoL! mine once left me a vm saying he knew i thought he was only out for s * x, but he wasn't and he'd never cheated on me and didn't want me to think he had or would-that from my friend mind you.

    you have to earn their trust!!! read the longest thread on here about cancer men-it's a life saver

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