Confused with cancer man

  • I need some insight in this guys behaviour please. We've been dating for a couple of months and all of a sudden he went silent a month ago. We didn't have a fight or anything,. Last time i have seen him we had such a good time.. acting real loving in such an extent that i was getting the impression he is falling in love. What do i do? After reading numerous posts on here it seems that no matter what you could not move these men. Any advise please

  • This is what they do. As you have read in a lot of the posts, they require their space to process their thoughts and/or regenerate their energy. I drop mine a light note/text just to make sure he’s alive. In most cases he answers; one liner which means “leave me alone” or yakky “I’m ready to come out and play”. There is a noticeable difference in the responses so if nothing happened between you, don’t take it personally. Actually, I’m trying to figure mine out right now (again), he has been very subdued for the last week or so, but he’s coming over tonight…. He has been over thinking something I’m sure (gets me thinking too). Hopefully I’ll find out tonight.

    There are a lot of good Cancer threads here that might help you to understand better.

  • all taurus women get rid of the cancer men if they are not treating you right, get a capicorn man who knows how to treat a woman!

  • snorts at the capricorn comment Every capricorn man ive liked has lead me on and then ditched me. I will never go near one again.

    And, yes, I agree with the other comments. Also, i've read that cancers will often retreat if they are feeling too emotionally attached and vulnerable. Men, in general, will also do this at some point in the relationship, though usually much further down the line. If they feel their freedom is compromised, they will distance themselves (this doesnt mean its your fault, it could be all in their testosterone influenced heads). The answer seems to be to give them their space, and they will come snapping back like an elastic band.

  • cancer men does not ge in love, they need space and time . I agree w the other comments. they are good only to have good time don't grt involve .

  • Cancer men above all protect their heart. If the Cancer is running, it 's because of one of two reasons. 1) He's falling in love with you and he's afraid it may not be reciprocated. 2) He believes you will hurt him in the long run so he's cutting his ties now. Believe it or not!

  • Lawdawq, thank you for your reply.

    What do i do?

    Do i just forget about him and carry on with my life?

  • That depends upon you and your needs. The cancer is vacillating because he's afraid of commiting and being hurt. His behavior is not a rebellion as much as it is a backward way of protecting himself. He only needs to act this way because he's worry about the course of this new relationship. You should be too.

    I say give him some time without being critical, with no expectations, and by being supportive. If he has not come around within YOUR TIMEFRAME, you will know that it is time to leave. But if you are the one, and you give him quiet loving support, he will let down his guard and you could be the first to penetrate his defenses to discover his loving heart. It's there! He's just a master of hiding it's vulnerbility and caring.

  • That's BS (theligh). Cancers are the nurturing sign of the zodiac. They are not even that much fun. Want fun go get a Aries or Sag. Cancer are family men and they mate for life. The cancerian behavior is much like the crab which backs up, spins and captures it prey. They never go directly at their target, but meanders along until it's taken by surprise (taciturn circumlocomotion).

    The probelm is not that they DON"T love! It's that they love very deeply and they know they can get lost in love if they don't protect their heart. Yet kindness, patience and absolutely no critical remarks can melt their hearts and you will find the most devoted, loyal and geniunely passionate lover of you life.

  • Lawdawq, thank you for replying. I really appreciate it.

    I understand what yu are saying, only problem is, how do i give him quiet loving support if we don't communicate at all? I know this guy has a huge loving heart and a tender soul. One look in those beautiful eyes and i was lost forever. Never before met anybody like him. Would not want to lose him forever.

    What will your advise be? Do i live my life and hope?

    Do i make contact in a friendly way?

  • I'm not advising that you over commit your heart to this guy if he's not communicating. BUT there are simple things that maybe able to bring his out. An email message in the morning saying "Thinking of you" "Have a great day". A simple lined Hallmark card or e-card. A message on his voicemail with a simple line of kind support. Don't do all of these things. Only do a few over time so that your not over committing and he's don't get freaked out by the attention. Not many person get unsolicited notes of love and encouragement. Make sure what ever you do that it's from the heart and sincere. Don't try to forward your agenda of being with him. If it's right, that with happen as a matter of course. If not, what have you lost by showing a little honest caring.

  • Lawdawq, thank you once again for your response. I will follow your advise and see what happen. I do care a lot and in all honesty want him to be happy. Even if it's with somebody else.

    Thank you once again.

  • Lawdawq, i have just one more question. Is it normal behaviour for cancer men to just disappear without one word. Why not at least say you not interested anymore or whatever?

  • Hi dvdm - - yes make contact in a light and breezy way -- a text message - or short email.

    Then see the response -- maybe a few days later - ask him to'accompany' you to an event - or you have tickets for ? and sure he will go - and keep it light ...

  • Hey dvdm - think he'll make contact with you saturday afternoon!

  • Hey everyone. I'm a pisces who just married one of these complex yet loving cancerians. Believe me it was a hard and long road but he is the man of my dreams. We've been together a total of 10 months and married for 2, so 1) yes they do move fast, 2) they fall in love very easily but with caution. I learned that they love anything and everything the same except when it comes to their heart. In the beginning everything was like a fairy tale with us then the claws came out. I've been thru everything from being compared to his mom to dealing with past relationships that he wouldn't let go for awhile. All i can say is if you have the patients it can be worth it.

  • don't ask him to do anything unless you're okay with whatever outcome happens to protect yourself. Like don't buy tickets to something specifically to ask him to go, you may resent him if he says no. And yes, Cancer males to leave without a word...either hiding from someone who hurt them, or they are busy with something else that is priority. I would call my Cancer saying, "It's okay if you just want to be friends"- he would assure me no it's not that- just working on his house is first priority. Try to find out whats going on and don't contact him when you're upset.

  • Hell-0 I am a Cancer woman I were with a cancer man for 17 years and had a child by him.

    I'm in love with another cancer man and have been dealing with him for 4years;but with an capr,gemini,aries, taraurs is find but not compatible within relationship to make it last forever and with another cancer we're both sensitive,caring,respectful,loving, both want alot out of life and the only way we can get it, if we did it together but cancerian man want to lean on independent woman such as other independent cancers. But other then that they would honest ,truthfull, can be very jealous,very out-spokened,trustworthy,a very good friend, good advisory, and if you are that special one for him or her that he will be your protector whereas she will stand by her man,children he will be a good father or good mother . But we will bury ourselves when we have solutions or something is complicated or we get moody,frustrated on our personal life but never cross us cause we do entend to bounce back and we will go for stars. But if you have one ,listen hold onto him cause if you love him and he loves you then trust me cause it will worth out.

  • Good morning, all .... I am enjoying reading your posts, and I, too, am in love with a Cancerian man .... an enigma, to be sure!! What started out as a totally casual relationship about 18 months ago has turned into a truly high-octane encounter with my own wishes, hopes and dreams attuned to this Cancer man. Shortly before theholidays last year, he invited me to be in his life and told me he wanted to be in mine. He has, however, still made no moves in that direction and seems to be going through the back-up self reflection phase, leaving me in the "don't know what to do" phase. He's a road man .... a long-distance truck driver and is in and out of town on that schedule (totaly unpredictable) .... a very frustrating state of affairs ... literally. He only calls when he can get a signal and if he thinks about it (hmmmm ....) but most often when he's on his way back home (yea....) This goes on and on .... I'm trying to be patient, very patient .... but this is no way to build a relationship .... up until two weeks ago, I was calling and leaving daily voice mails ... just to let him know he was in my thoughts .... can't do that anymore .... just like talking to air .... not good .... this man sends my rocket to the moon (and all that ....) and I don't want to "pass" on this .... just sharing my thoughts and experience .... call me "tired and just about done" .... and I really don't want to be .....

  • hey dvdm, i am a cancer mysef, and let me just say cancers do love extremley hard. i have a topic. on here also because i am now broken hearted. i am 25 and in love with a taurus. he told me we are divorcing the other day. 7 yrs. i have been wit this man. hes in the military and i believe thats what tore us apart. we cancers once we love we hold on to the past even if that person hurt us. we tend to give them another try because we put our trust in someone and will keep giving them a try to see if they can get it right. and to reply to the person whos a taurus on here who said leave cancers alone, see the crazy thing i have read that taruses was perfect for cancers in so many places. im so confused now that i have been on here because i seriously thought those were the best for me. i am 25 and i feel like my life has ended because of this man. i love him so much tauruses are great great men, hes great to me lol, he just doesnt want me i mean are cancers to much? do we love to hard are what? im so confused when it comes to signs. so confused that i watch out for every other sign thinkin we cant be compatible with any other. i hope my life gets better but as for you, dont think he didnt love you or wanted you because he do but we believe and forgivin others when they make mistakes and his wife may be confusin him right now. i hope he realizes whats best for him and talks to you. just have patients, we dont play fools to long, he will come to his senses. cancers are the best at love than any other sign, we are experts at it. i love hard and big, jus check out my topic. young and broken hearted on here. keep talking to him because cancers love attention and smiling.

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