Cancer/Leo Blow Up

  • I recently was interested in a cancer man, who was very sweet and romantic for all of four days. we hooked up and he was wonderful the next day. then his ex girlfriend (no idea of her sign) that dumped him YEARS ago began speaking with him again, i discovered that he still had pictures of them kissing on his facebook, and since then, everything between us has been a huge mess. he got very angry with me a lot, and I, being compelled by drama, was head over heels after only a few weeks but then got very angry with him for not giving me enough attention and for getting back together with his ex rather than wonderful me and for telling me how awful i am. now there is a court case ongoing between us and i do not understand; our personalities are very compatible, it seems just this girl got in the way. does anyone know if cancer/leo relationships have a tendency to blow up then come back together or if i should just forget all about him? advice please

  • Do you know what the rest of his chart looks like? If he has a Cancer Sun, there's a possibility that he could have Mercury in Leo and/or Venus in Leo (I happen to have them both in Leo), which would certainly add to the drama of your relationship together. If his Venus is in Leo, he requires just as much (if not more) attention than you do in romantic relationships. Also, since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, knowing his Moon sign is also very important.

    Going on his Sun sign only, Cancers are very nostalgic so he was probably wishing that things were how they were in the past. That gave his ex some power over him.

    To answer your question, I would let him go. The fact that there's a court case between you guys shows that you guys aren't meant to be together. Plus, he left you for someone else. You deserve better than that. I wish you the best of luck in finding someone better than him. =D

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