Relationship Troubles....New Reader Needs a Hand

  • Hi everyone,

    Just picked tarot up and have been putting a decent amount of time into it lately. I've been going through a rough relationship patch and decided to put my novice, but growing tarot skills to the test. I pulled cards that made sense, but I was hoping a more experienced reader could give me some more clarity or a deeper meaning. I focused, shuffled, and asked the cards to give me insight into how myself and other person should move forward. We're kind of at a crossroads, hence needing some tarot clarity. I did a celtic cross and this is how I was taught for the positions/the cards I drew.

    1. Knight of Cups - Heart of the Matter

    2. 8 of Swords - Opposing Factor

    3. 4 of Wands - Root of the Cause

    4. 6 of Coins - Past/Quality to let go of

    5. 8 of Wands - Attitudes or goals

    6. 6 of Wands - Next change/Approaching influence

    7. 6 of Swords - Me as I see myself

    8. The Tower - Outside Environment/Influences

    9. 7 of Coins - Hopes and Fears

    10. 8 of Cups - Outcome

    I interpreted the cards as saying we've been trapping ourselves in an emotionally excessive/unbalanced relationship and its time for changes and to leave the negativity behind. Perhaps a break from one another is needed.

    Funnily enough I've been doing a daily tarot reading to try to get to know the cards better and yesterday I drew the knight of cups and very surprisingly ran into this person. I was told the Knight of Cups can represent a person/warn one to be wary of overly emotional situations.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Hi TarotRealness,

    I get a sense that you have lost your personal power somewhat and there is a definite imbalance in this relationship. Something is missing and the relationship has gone as far as it can go - you know this deep down, but you have developed somewhat of a dependency on him and are now in a self-imposed prison. Despite evidence to the contrary, you want to keep the faith - to build something that will last out of sheer force of will. The first step is to acknowledge that you have veered off course and accept what is - you are not seeing things clearly at the moment. Surrender to the power of the Infinite and trust that you are being led to something that is much better for you...a new beginning is on the horizon, but first you must embrace that this change is unavoidable. Let go of the past - enter the void of the unknown - so you can embrace your future.



  • Actually with the 6 of Coins - the card of balance - in the quality to let go of position, tells me that the relationship has become stale. The 8 of wands in attitudes/goals speaks to the need for more passion. Take both of these together and you have the qualities of the Knight of Cups. Someone who is driven by their emotions and doesn't want to strive for balance. Balance suggests standing still, a quality that no Knight (not even the Knight of Coins!) wants to contemplate.

    The 6 of wands suggests a breakthrough, a victory. But that Tower as external influence needs your awareness. A truth will come to light, shattering illusions. I'm getting the sense that there is a 3rd person about to, or just recently entering the picture. Is this the Knight of Cups you referred to?

    The advice here is to see if you can breath new life, new passion into your existing relationship. If not, then you're likely to leave the relationship behind and move on (8 of Cups).

    Love & light to you,


  • I got that the 3rd person is already in the picture....someone from his past. TarotRealness, the Knight of Cups often shows up when half-truths or lies are being told - things are not what they seem and someone we love is being untrustworthy yet we are not seeing the reality of it. It can also represent a young man who is fickle and even narcissistic or passive-agressive. I think in your instance - as the heart of the matter - it represents that things are indeed not what they seem or what you want them to be. The 8 of Swords as opposing suggests that self-empowerment is needed and to "release the bindfold." The root as 4 of Wands - don't forget that every card has its shadow side and i believe this card as the root indicates a broken relationship and the entrance of this other person. Past quality to let go of? 6 of Pents in this case is representing inequity - this is about your empowerment and worth issues. Look at the is a caution against dependency and becoming the "beggar" for this man's love. 8 of Wands as attitudes or goals for you is about wanting to move forward and making progress. There is also an aspect of possible infidelity with the shadow side of this card. The six of Wands is tricky as it does indeed suggest victory, but remember the shadow side would then be failure. However, I have found that it most often shows up when you will be going through a period of struggle and Spirit wants you to keep your chin up as although it is difficult, it is forward movement that is necessary for your growth - for the victory that will come later. The 6 of Swords showing up in the Self position indicates that you may be stuck in a negative situation or thought pattern and it is time to leave it behind - a transition that requires you to move away from conflict and to a more beneficial, less destructive atmosphere. The Tower? Liberation and sudden insight. Chaos. Sudden enlightenment. A tearing down of false structures to rebuild. It can also point to an affair. 7 of Pents as your hopes and fears is about not wanting to lose all the work you have put into the relationship - wanting it to pay off. 8 of Cups in a nutshell is leaving a relationship or situation behind that has run its course...breaking away from dependent emotional ties and going off into uncertainty - directing your energy to the new and unknown - where your future lies.



  • wow, thanks so much for the input. As far as I know there isn't someone new in the picture. I guess the reason I even needed clarity is because there is a real bond between us, but it is very unbalanced and turns negative very quickly. When I drew the knight of cups I thought it more represented our relationship itself, extremely emotional, but not so big on the stable side. However when I drew the Knight of Cups again for a daily reading and ran into the person I'm having these issues with, I thought it might be pointing more to him.

  • Spirit is trying to tell you that there is something going on - something hidden - and the situation is not as you think it is and/or he is not who you think he is. I really feel like someone has re-entered his life and there is something going on between them - or he is in the midst of making that decision - and you just haven't found out about it yet.

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