Widow with 2 children on a crossroad again

  • hi everyone

    i wrote once already on the tarot forum asking to read the spread i made about the situation with my current partner, in the end i have just decided to leave him. we were supposed to get married but luckily i have understood it would be a mistake. now i am alone again with two small children but with positive attitude, a lot of strength that my beautiful two little angels give me and plenty of help and support from friends and family. nevertheless i will have to be alone in the end of the day/ i am full of worries - is there a man for me somewhere? will i finally find real love after loosing the love of my life to a heart attack? will i make a safe, warm positive relationship and familly for my children? and also the finances are really scaring me!!! please can somebody try to see or feel if those three years of suffering are going to end sometime soon? thank you in advance (if soem detailes are needed like name or soemething just let me know)

  • hello karolinkush,

    I'm a clairvoyant reader and will assist you with what I receive on your behalf.

    Being alone has it positives , like joining meet-ups in your area and embraceing yourself single until God and your angels send in a man that will fullfill you in the way you want to be happy with. I feel a man coming in around you with wirey hair and it is dark with some gray in it, wavey and wears glasses becasue he like to read and you just may meet him at a book club type of situation. I hear an A in his first name. He is close , meaning you will meet him in the next three months. You will never fail is what Iam to tell you, as you are watched over and taken care of from above. Give thanks and receive.


  • thank you shuabby it gives me so much hope, even the simple fact that you would write back to me and take the effort of making your mind busy with me, that gives strength to me, the feeling there are people that are giving, i thank and receive lots of love karol

  • i just wanted to add that i constantly feel some presence around me, i see lights have sensations on my face and on the head, hear ringing in my ears, i wonder if those my guides or my husband. i had some encounters with him after he died and i thought he already left, (i am sure though he still is with the children) so if its not him so maybe the guides, but when i try to contact them i fail , i would like to be sure that those messages are read properly and i am not just imagining stuff ....

  • karolinkush.

    Yes it is your late husband I feel he is still watching over you and your children. He will until you are at peace and feel secure with another man.

  • Hi, Find some time in your day to pray, I think you'll start to feel better. You have an emptiness right now. Think positively and be careful. Sometimes when you're not looking love comes.

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