Eclipse and my birth chart

  • Can someone help me understand the overall picture of current planetary movements and my birth chart? There are about 10 hard aspects and 10 soft aspects and I'm trying to understand how they all fit together. I am going through a really hard time right now, everything is up on the air and on edge, especially in my relationship (a situation which has been building for a year and a half now) and any guidance context would be really helpful.

    Sign: Cancer(20 Jul), Capricorn Rising


    Eclipse (Sun, moon) opposite natal Jupiter, trine with natal Mars

    Mars squared with natal Saturn, Moon

    Saturn sextile with natal Venus, Uranus

    Neptune trine with natal Pluto, sextile with natal Neptune, Jupiter

    Uranus trine with natal Venus, square with natal Jupiter

    Jupiter trine with natal Jupiter, square with natal Venus, and opposite natal Saturn

    Mars opposite natal Uranus, sextile with natal Venus

    Venus opposite natal Neptune, trine with natal Pluto

    Much thanks!

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