• Could someone do a reading for me?

  • Regarding? Is there a specific question? It may also help readers to connect if you provide a birth-date.

  • Hi Blazenka,

    It is difficult to do a "blind" reading, but I decided to test my intuitive skills and give it a go. The first thing that came up is I feel like you are experiencing some turmoil at the moment - possibly from an argument or some sort of struggle with someone who may have been pushing you around a bit. You are feeling daunted but inner courage is needed as well as calming your mind -letting go of the inner strife. Release the negative energy - It feels like you are depressed and struggling with being alone - like this upset that has occurred resulted in the loss of someone in your life and you are having trouble letting go. Try not to allow yourself to become stuck or crippled by confusion....take some time for yourself and be patient - clarity will come. And remember what goes up must come down and vice versa. This too shall pass!



  • WaterGirl, or should I say OtterGirl, it's good to see you testing the waters... 🙂

  • Haha! Thanks PH, but we'll have to wait and see how blazenka responds to know if I am ready to take those "floaties" off yet 🙂

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