Messages when hoovering - dont laugh!!

  • Hi there,

    I started meditating about a year ago, and love it, and seem to get pics, colours and words during it. I saw a foetus the other night, when I told my group my teacher open her book, and had written Baby Coming X 3. Couldnt believe it, we all laughed, and we looked around laughing asking who had an announcement. One member shyly tells us she is trying, so I dont hope it is her!!

    Well, this seems to have open doors, as it seems every time I HOOVER I get messages, sometimes through song. Ive started writing them down.

    My meditation teacher reassured me Im not going mental, but maybe the hoover acts like "White Noise" like when you put the hooever on to put a baby to sleep, and I must go into a semi trance where I receive messages.

    Its hilarious I know!!!

    Im getting messages from a little girl in spirit, just trying to figure out what why and put the messages together, to see how I am meant to help.

    Does this happen to anyone else, or is this crazy or what!!!!

    Thanks for any feedback.

    kind regards


  • Dear cazmayo, I've been getting messages during a very difficult period of my life. It always happened while I was in a semi awaken state in the morning and it was always a female voice, sometimes a song. No hoover involved, but a semi trance state definitely. I still don't know what exactly that was. What kind of messages do you receive, if you don't mind me asking ?

  • Hi VoplySoply,

    I get songs too!! Ive started writing down the words and reading them back to see if there is a message. Ive had a message from my grandmother, when I was struggling to cope with a problem, I got "Im not going to let you down, dont give up on him, Ill see you in your dreams, Ill be lovin you, Love me"!! I know that was my granny encouraging me to be patient and letting me know she was there for me.

    At another meditation we did abit of hands on healing, and I always pick something up from the person (I thought they were all crazy the first night she asked up to try it). I told one lady that I saw a small dog, not dog but small dog. She got very tearful, as her dog was sick and the vet had just been to her house.

    I did a workshop a couple of months ago on meeting your spiritual guide and energy work. Anyway, we all brought an envelope with a pic of a loved one. Then the teacher swamped them around so we didnt know who had whose. We had to hold the sealed envelope in our hands and close are eyes and see what impression we got. Started asking questions, are you male or female, colour of hair, name etc. Well I wrote down, bushy eyebrows, dark hair, name mary, father daughter relationship, farmer.

    Well when I opened the envelope, I couldnt believe it, there was a man/groom with dark hair and bushy eyebrows!! the bride in the pic was a mary, the ladys father was also in the pic and he was a farmer. Ive seen people do this on tv and always wondered how they did it, and this was the highlight of the workshop for me.

    I think trauma or tough times raises a persons vibration, and you can become sensitive to energy.

    Im just learning, I have more questions than answers!!!!

    Kind regards


  • Cazmayo, I agree that trauma or tough times somehow put you more in touch with the invisible forces. With me all kinds of strange things happen when I'm under emotional pressure. Few times I even thought that I moved objects by staring at them without any purpose of moving them . It could be an optical illusion, of course. Also the lights went off few times, and computers and other electronic devices frequently stop working when I'm under stress. I've also seen my great grandmother in my dream, who was giving me support. Also my father recently passed away, and my sister saw him in her dream before she knew about it. He was just standing, looking at her, smiling and looking beautiful. Soon after I saw him in my dream as well, where he was giving me very practical instructions.

  • Hi Cazmayo

    I think its great that you are getting thses messages while hoovering ,i think its goes to show that we dont have to have peace and quiet all the time to make contact and get messages

    from the afterlife .Its wonderful that you are opening up on all new levels Im so happy for you .

    Sending you an abundance of Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi VoplySoply, thanks for your reply, its interesting to hear how others get messages. Ive had lights flicker or go off, I had a kettle keep going off, but when I would walk towards it, it would come back on!!! My hubby laughed, and said I was weird!!!! The other night I was thinking of my granny, and the light in the fish tank went off and then on again. Im sorry to hear about your dad, thats lovely that he visited you and your sister!!! Believe it!

    At my grannys funeral I sang, and just as I got to the last verse, my arms went all tingling, and I KNOW it was her. My cousin said, I didnt feel granny until you started singing, and then I told her, I also felt her at the same time. They go to their own funerals!!! My gran was "A very proud Granny".

    Keep it up, I find meditation excellent!!!!

    Hi Livingonaprayer,

    thanks so much for your message. I feel Im stumbling along, working it all out. I guess others would call it "following your intuition"! I have 3 small children, so maybe the only time I switch off is when I hoovering!!!! I cant hear the kids, ha ha. I am going to set out a time each day to meditate. It just made me laugh about the hoovering, and I wondered had anyone else this experience. My guide does have a good sense of humour!!!!

    kind Regards


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