Birth Chart Reading

  • Hello everyone!

    If there's anyone out there that can ready birth charts can i please

    have your assistance with mine regarding the rest of the year 2011.

    I had a dream almost a year ago where i was told by 3 psychics that

    something great was gonna happen on November 2011. This may or

    may not be in my birth chart but i truly believe something great will

    happen this year on November. I know that the it future depends on

    the choices we make today but I'm pretty curious 🙂 I would like to

    know where my path leads to!

    Here's my info:


    DOB: January 1, 1991

    TIME: 12:00 pm

    POB: Country: Mexico. State: Veracruz. City: Acayucan

    Thanks a bounch!!!

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