Chances and Forgiveness

  • This post doesn't really seek any advice. Just want to share that two of my girlfriends, one male friend, and a coworker shared me their stories about losing the one they love... And getting back together. They reset their relationships like the first time they met each other. How amazing is that?!

    It's sooo refreshing to hear stories like these. Doesn't happen everyday. Indeed, real love does exist!!

    Just saying. 🙂

  • Ask and You Shall Receive - that is.

    If only it was that easy for everybody. But I think if it can happen to others then it is possible! 🙂

  • I ask for the guy who has my heart to meet me tonight so we can start our lives off together. I ask for people to stop being so mean to me and to other people. I ask for the people I love to be protected. I ask for the people who hate to stop hating me and start loving themselves. I ask for peace within and for world peace. I ask that people will stop hating and start loving. I ask for strength through this time of hard. I ask to help others when and where I can. I ask for alot but I sure do hope that this ask and you shall receive does work coz it would really good.

  • Go ahead and ask the people concern. Only then you will know - what, why, and how. Reach out to them and stay positive. Hope your day goes nicely. 🙂

  • I asked but did not receive! That the guy who has my heart to meet me, he didnt even show up! Does this mean he does not want to be with me at all?

  • It depends on the situation. Is he a single man? Are you single? How long have you known each other? Did you both have any bad history that was not solved? Are you exclusively dating? In a relationship? On and off relationship?

    Patience and time is your best friend here if you are looking to "build" a stronger foundation of your relationship with this man. Building a relationship takes time and do not happen in an instant.  As well as trust needs to be earned.

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