HEARTS are everywhere, insight needed PLEASE

  • Loap,

    Great picture! I love it!

    All is well, the Spiritual Sanctuary was so safe, just my friend and I and a beautiful scenery of the hills.

    I am a very selective who I trust in my inner circle, its so nice to have people like you and Seehorse watching out for me, thats what good people do!

    Love and Light

  • Hey glad to hear that Piscesstar, you're a smart girl, good for you ! Spirit's Truth and the ability to connect with Spirit are inside everyone of us !

    Corrcetion here : Good people who carry the Light in them can do it. Darkness weighs down the souls that carry it inside them. The way for the Spirit is UP !

  • You are SO LOVED! My intuition is telling me that you have an "angel" up "there" who is encouraging you....telling you you are in the right place, right on schedule for how you wanted your life to BE at this time. These hearts are encouragements and LOVE being given to you. Your gratitude is keeping this line of communication open and the more gratitude you express the farther this channel will open up.

    YOU ARE SO LOVED! Share your wealth. 🙂

  • Tuckerwink,


    What you said here means the world to me.

    I WILL definitely be sharing the wealth.

    I do call upon Arch Angel Michael a lot and he is always there for me, I have Arch Angel Michael Cards and the messages are always accurate, he has never let me down.

    Once again many thanks to you, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me this wonderful information.

    Many Love hearts to come your way Tuckerwink..............Thank you


  • You are SO Welcome!

    Your LOVE energy, both inside you and around is Gi- normeous....LOL.

    I would suspect LOVE plays an important role in you life...?

    Thank YOU for Being so effortlessly radiant.... 🙂

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