HEARTS are everywhere, insight needed PLEASE

  • Kangaroo means :

    express your gratitude for all you're blessed with.

    You will always have your needs met.

    Stay connected to family to receive emotionel sustainance

    Once you start something, keep moving and don't look back.

    Progress will come in leaps and bounds.

    A new idea will need slow and careful nurturing for months, keep it in your head till then (Nooooo share it, i'm SO curious lol)

    Hey, what's a "Joey" ?

  • Hi Loap,

    I am from WA.

    I don't have any connection with the paper heart's, maybe something is coming up with regards to paperwork. I will try googling paper love hearts and see where it takes me. That was a good thought. (all the paper hearts were almost the same size too). I like that connection with the kangaroo, maybe it was for us, I will take anything positive.

    Do you add the numbers when you see them, how do you figure things out with the numbers you see? I have given some of my heart"s away, I wanted to send some back to Australia but I am scared customs may confiscate them, I know some people who I could give them to. On some of them I have put names on them, they were people who have helped me, who opened their heart to me. I do feel something is stirring, Seehorse was correct "patience", I just have to wait and see.

    Seehorse, funny picture! Nice info too!

    Thank you

  • Hi Loap & Seehorse,

    Found this, check it out, boy finds hearts.

    Yesterday while taking photographs at my friends wedding, there was a beautiful waterfall and water splashed on the path.....in the shape of a heart, this one was for the happy couple!

    I did get a picture too! Oh, and the bride gave me a beautiful heart and earrings necklace set as a gift, I wasn't expecting anything, I did the photography out of love for the couple.

  • I read in one of my angel books, it means you have angels besides you. love from your angels and deceased loved ones. it means they are with you, walking along with you, and helping you. blessings, HF

  • Thank you HawiianFlower,

    Thats wonderful, I love that!

    i don't go looking for the hearts, they just appear, I love when it happens.

    Thank's so much

    Love and Light


  • Hi Piscestar,

    Thats a beautiful story about the wedding ,well tonight i seen a wet patch on the concrete in a shape of a love heart i went out with my camera a while later as i got side tracked and it was gone . I will have to be quick off the mark next time .

  • It's a sign that God is with you. It's a reassurance--and it's not by accident.

  • Loap, you gotta be quick!! lol....Doesn't feel good when a heart appears?


    I am very much leaning towards what you are saying, my faith has gotten much stronger since this has been happening to me.

    God is AWESOME.

    I hope many hearts come your way too!

    Love and Light


  • Seehorse,

    You were right!! You were the first person to tell me the hearts that have been appearing to me are from God! It was hard for me to believe and accept, but I truly believe it now.

    I had a reading over the weekend and I did not mention anything to this lady and she knew immediately, you have no idea how great this has been for me.

    Self doubt has a tendency to creep in at times, but now I have witnessed many miracles and I want to share this wonderful gift that has been given to me.

    Our lessons are never ending, I can understand that fully now.

    I knew from the start when I would read some of your posts, there is something about you that I was drawn too.........the mysterious!!LOL

    You have put so much in perspective for me, I can't thank you enough!

    Many hearts your way

  • How strange...i found a heart myself while at the park with the kids. A little plastic one with the word "love" probably from a child's necklace. Since then i see hearts almost everywhere, but i know why. They were always there, but i had to read your thread first, then found this little heart to start see them. Coincidence ? Or someone is trying to tell us something ? Gee got goosebumps now !

  • Seehorse,

    When did this all begin for you? What other hearts have you seen?

    Just yesterday, I felt out of sorts, came home for lunch and wandered in my garden, and there was a perfect heart shape rock, I feel there is a constant reminder that all is going to be okay, the creator is with me.

    As I mentioned before, a broken heart started this for me and has been going since.

    I take this as a huge blessing.

  • There is a private message for Loap in the other forum. I don't know if she has your e-mail, but we'll find a way to make contact Piscestar. The hearts delivered a message. You chose to accept it : "my faith has gotten much stronger since this has been happening to me.

    God is AWESOME. "

    Now you are about to receive another message Piscestar. Be patient. We are ALL God's children, never forget that . And yes, it IS a huge blessing. But It becomes so only the moment we choose to accept it.

  • Thanks so much Seehorse,

    Big (((HUGS))) to you!

    I don't Loap's email, I will check it out.

    I will be back this afternoon, heading now to the hills to a spiritual sanction.

    You have no idea how much my faith has strengthened too, thank you for helping me get there!

    God is AWESOME

  • Indeed....

  • Hey Seehorse,

    I had a great day at the Spiritual Sanctuary. I had no idea what to expect, I was laughing and joking around before I got there and then as soon as I stepped into the sanctuary, my whole body went into goosebumps and tears were streaming down my face, (I have never experienced anything like this), it was a release of emotion, I felt like I had a past life there and it was sad, there were Native American children that got hurt in the past and I could not protect them, I could not stop crying. As we walked on, there was a statue of an angel, I was so focused on the angel that I did not realize the angel was holding a child, it was very significant. I also walked through a Labyrinth, it was such a spiritual experience. My em I also found a small love heart rock there and I sent blessings out to all who replied to me on this thread, I hope something great comes to everyone real soon.

  • "I was laughing and joking around", then "tears were streaming down my face"

    Get the heck out of there as fast as you can Piscesstar, because tears are the only thing you'll find there. That's not the truth, that's the rabbithole, a journey into darkness with no return. Save yourself while there's still time.

  • I realize i may be jumping to conclusions here so a second post is in order. There may be good people in this spiritual sanctuary and they may do a good helping people. But be very careful Piscesstar. What shines is not always gold, and in this world most of the times isn't. There are predators out there, praying upon the naive, the needy and the weak. A person in my family was almost destroyed by attending a "spiritual" sanctuary because he didn't realize there was a hook under the bait of supposed spiritual ascension and finding the light and finding peace and stuff. What was underneath the bait ? Addictions, delusions, needless guilt, even strange potions (drugs) to make you connect with the spirit.....connect with darkness more likely. There are people out there who belong to the Light as well as people who serve the darkness and only seek to spread their inner disease. I cannot know and will not mingle with your affairs, just keep an open mind but at the same time be extremely cautious what others are trying to put in your mind, and for what reasons.

  • Hi All,

    I hope all is well with everyone , Seehorse ive just been to the ghost town and replied to your message . Im so galld you made a connection with the hearts Piscestar. and the spiritual sanctuary sounds great but i agree with Seehporse all that gliters is not gold . Thanks for the spiritual blessings .

    Love and light 2 all Loap:0

  • And i went to ghost town (love that name btw !) and replied to yours lol so there's another message for you there Loap hahaha i'm annoying i know !

  • Hi Seehorse,

    I should have explained myself more.

    Thank you for your concern and thank you for being a friend.

    The sanctuary I went to actually did not involve any people.

    It is a private land in the hills, the scenery is breathtaking.

    I went with a girlfriend who is spiritual, it was just her and I.

    The place is a peaceful one very calming.

    I am the type of person that even if I have a headache, it would be hours before I take any medication, so drugs are a no no for me, never tried them, never will. There are people out there that do pray on the weak, but believe me, I can tell very well when or if I would come across the bad people that do this.

    That place yesterday was very spiritual, had some sadness and I picked up on that was to do with the Native Americans especially children, the sadness was apparent, and I give you my word, there was no one else there but my friend and I.

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