Getting engaged soon, is this normal?

  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask who ever has/is getting engaged if it's normal to feel scared and have lots of mood swings.. sometimes i feel I want to get engaged and am super happy making preparations for the engagement party then out of nowhere I feel scared and start to argue with my bf. I am 30-12-87 he's 30-07-89 if that matters. Thanks!

  • I was once engaged and I was scared. I was scared because I loved him but I didn't love certain things about him, which came to the surface even more so when our relationship was taken to the next step. Plus, I had things in myself that I had not accomplished yet. Which means I was insecure, which meant I was in no shape for a relationship. Because he loved me, we stepped back from being engaged, back to just boyfriend/girlfriend. Our relationship slowly dwindled after that though.

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