Is primary number 8 & 6 compatible with each other??

  • Nsaigal,

    Challenge numbers are something that is holding us back from achieving our greatest good.

    His challenge number is 5, which links to your life number 5. This explains the attraction, the cosmic connection, the bond.

    By nature you are a 5 life number, and a 5 likes the freedom to do what they want, but a 5 will be faced with many changes, and have to make quick decisions, as things will always be spur of the moment.

    You say he is more adaptable to change, that might be then he has overcome his challenge, and he knows its part of life. He is a 4 life number, and 4's are more rigid, and like order. They like things "their" way. Take that away from them, and put them in an arena that is unfamiliar, or unfamiliar territory they get stressed.

    You have to always examine all numbers and aspects.

    So it would include not only the life number and the day of birth, but also the name.

    Some people are only together for "transitory" periods. Meaning it is just the energy of that particular "cycle" that is pulling them together, and after the cycle is over, the relationship might be over as well.

    Numbers are conceited, and like attracts like. So there are always patterns, cycles, that draw two people together, or repel two people.

    Your challenge number is a 7, which links to his long range cycle of 7. This is another bond. Spiritually bonded. Or bonding over difficulties, as you both feel you are misunderstood, people don't always see things the way you see them.

    Many numbers, many different areas to consider.

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

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