Is primary number 8 & 6 compatible with each other??

  • Nsaigal,

    Your question about the 8 and 6 being compatible, is for the most part yes and no.

    The 8 like the 6 likes luxury, nice things, money.

    The 6 will risk almost everything for love, as it is a compulsion.

    The 8 on the other hand will think things through a bit more, and take into consideration the financial ramifications of things.

    This is general.

    I noticed though you were comparing your days of birth, and not your life numbers.

    Your date of birth if you add is straight across is a 5 life number.

    His date of birth if you add is straight across is a 4 life number.

    These numbers are complete opposites.

    The 5 is a bit more fun, free, and risk taking. It is never settled, and likes to be on the go.

    The 4 is a bit more rigid, confined, and conservative. It doesn't like unexpected issues, and likes structure/order.

    So it is safe to say that you are the more "fun" one, and he is the more "leveled" one.

    Opposites do attract, and this could be a great union.

    Not to say that he isn't fun, or you aren't responsible. It is just what the numbers indicate in your personalities.

    His challenge number links to your life number 5, so there is bond there.

    Teaching him change is okay.

    At this moment in time there is a definite connection, to what degree is up to the both of you.

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

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