Pallas, Ceres, Juno ?? what gives?

  • I purchased a thirty-day forecast and there are indicators of four planets (constellations? influences) that I don't understand and they are not explained in the glossary. Does anyone know how to interpret these? If I just knew what these meant I could manage a kind of interpretation. For anyone who really wants to help, here's more info:

    Here are the aspects: Ceres in Scorpio 10th House direct

    Pallas in Libra 9th House direct

    Juno in Libra 9th House direct

    Vesta in Cancer 6th House retrograde

    I'm a scorpio and my ninth and tenth houses are loaded with planets, Aquarius mars in first house, Aries moon in third, retrograde Uranus in 7th.



  • Ceres is Nurturing, Scorpio is the Mysterious, 10th is career, so: You feel nurtured through that which is transcendent, mysterious, transformative, or through sexuality. In turn you are able to nurture others through their own mental and physical healing process. People may flock to you for help, even those in positions of authority. Careers related to that which is nurturing and basic needs will appeal to you.

    Vesta in Cancer (I have this too): We can make any place a real home through our charm, warmth, kindness, comforting, and supportive energy, which we receive from the Heart of the Divine.

    Cancer is home, 6th is routine/work, so: You can be very dedicated at work, so it's important for you to take time off every once in a while. Vesta in Cancer can make any

    Juno in 9th/Libra: You need a partner with broad horizons, geographically and/or philosophically, who is charming, social and has a good aesthetic sense.

    Pallas in 9th/Libra: You are concerned with large-scale problems and can pick up on social patterns and may be skilled as a mediator.

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