Do you believe in love at first sight?

  • The guy I recently dated....whom I believe is my soul mate but had to separate because he went into the military (at least for the time being...hoping to get back together soon), once asked me when we first started dating if I believed in love at first sight. I didn't see anything in him but he told me that he could see my personality before he even knew me and once we started hanging out, it was like we already knew each other and have been best friends our whole lives. Anyway, I do believe in love at first sight and was just curious on everyone else's takes on it! Feel free to disagree as well!

  • yes i do believe an love at first sight.......go for at af you feel at

  • In this case, I don't know. I'd love to believe in love at first sight, but sometimes that can work against people. I used to take many risks in love, when I was younger. Now, at 30, while I have a boyfriend, and I love him with all my heart, I think that it can be dangerous. You give your heart to people, then have it broken. Then you heal, give your heart again, and the cycle continues. This can really be dangerous to a person's psyche, and you may become disillusioned after a while. I know that in real life, I have.

  • I believe in chemistry at first sight. And that isn't only lust, it's like some kind of weird 'click' that happens for no apparent reason when you see that person, and look into their eyes. Love...? No. Love is far too strong of a word. Love is a connection that is built, I don't think it can be instant.

  • Hi, I agree w/MariaRia. But Tinkerbell, ya'll knew each other a long time--correct. I have a special love for those I grew up w/also. I think this guy probably cares for you very much.

  • As human beings we use metaphors to explain our abstract feelings.It is in our nature. Saying love at first sight is metaphorical and not literal. But this does not give the feeling any less worth. Tinkerbell. The feeling you have experienced I also know. It is like(simile) a fatedness. Seldom in a lifetime one may meet a person and feel an instant connection that you cannot explain. I experienced the same two years ago with one particular person. We were attracted to each other like magnets. A srictly platonical relationship which developed into a close friendship. He however insists it was love at first sight. Two years later we are still together and just starting a deeper relationship. I feel like he is my soulmate. Never have I met a person so well suited to my rather sometimes difficult personality. I am a libra with a aries rising. He is the opposite of myself and patient to boot.

    Love at first sight the concept I believe in. Listen to your instincts, your inner voice. It seldom fails. Then you will know what is right for you. I am sure that in the past with other loves you failed to listen to the inner voice believing it to be wrong. My soulmate has yet to show me one characteristic of him that irks or irritates me. On the contrary although no one is perfect , we are only human, to me he is perfect. I love every little quirk that he has. Hope my experience is of help to you. Good luck. A last aside. Hearts gets broken sometimes but that will happen until a person finds their perfect mate. If at first you dont succeed try try again! Why settle when there is someone more suited still waiting for you. I travelled 3 continents to find mine.


  • You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for your input and your opinions. I love to hear these kinds of stories.

  • Hiya,

    Technically Love at first sight happens in the first three seconds and is pheremone based and it says your genes are compatible, and the children you sire will grow up healthy and strong. As we mask most natural smell with chemicals you get artificial messages.

    However, I have been romantically linked with 4 women in my life, I knew the moment I met them I would and my now partner I met when we were 17 we dated a bit but nothing came of it, we met again in october 2008, 21 years after the first meeting. This time it was electric from the start and we have not looked back. However I had to deal with knowing when I was 17 that we would be together but the timing was out.

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