Engagament Ring

  • I dont even know where to start. I get arthritic pain so I often take it off. I thought I put it on the cofee table but it just wasnt there when I went to pick it up. Because taking it off is such a habit for me I fear I may have just left it some where. Today was a stressful day for me and I had many things on my mind. I fear in my absent mindedness i may have added to my woes. Can anyone see anything? Please any help no matter how small or insignificant you think it may be.

  • Hi Help-me-please ,

    I feel i have to something about your handbag for some reason i know you said you put it on the coffee table as rings bounce could it have got knocked off and bounced under the furniture that is around the coffee table?and are you sure you didnt put it in your handbag for safe keeping ?

    I pray and hope tha tyou find it soon .

  • I was looking in my handbag as you were typing 🙂 i just thought i'd look nd see if anyone had replied, I will have another look. Thanks for replying to me, if anything else comes let me know, when i find the riing (im sure i will, i will post)

  • you know the zip part inside the bag ? i feel that you could have put it in their and forgotten about it i feel that you are feeling bamboozled at the moment you have put it somewhere safe or it is in your house i feel you need to clear your head i know that you are panicked do you have a brown sofa ? Im seeing a brown sofa but whatever the colour it doesnt matter im feeling the couch maybe you should check up in or in between the cushions . I hope you find it soon,sorry i dont mean to confuse you but im going with what i feel the bag or the couch .

    Good luck

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi thanks again. You're not confusing me, Im grateful for the help! The sofa is beige and i think you are right Im in a panic right now. I will leave the room for a while and try to focus somewhere else. Then I will come back to the bag and sofa again. Thanks for replying to me, it's really appreciated.

  • So just before I went to walk away I thought about what you said about cushions and looked at the other sofa in the room. I found it, not on the sofa I sit on, but on my husbands, under a cushion. I have no idea why it was there but I dont care as its back on my hand! Thank you so much your reply and help kept me from falling apart completely. Bless you.

  • Oh thats wonderful thats amazing i really wasnt going to mention the couch as i thought i was imagining it that great news Im so happy for you and glad to be of help .

    Take care

    Many blessings love and Light LOap:)

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