Could someone do a reading for me?

  • Hello! I have a few issues concerning my lovelife. Would anyone like to do a reading for me?

    Best regards / Veronica

  • Did you want a Tarot card reading only?

  • Hello! I would be over the moon if anyone would like to do a tarot reading. I'm very new to this subject so if there´s anyone who does other knds of readings I´d be very excited about that aswell. I do understand that it´s time consuming and that you all do this on your spare time. If it´s any help I'm born -82 and I´m a taurus. Best regards / Veronica

  • I don't do Tarot cards but I can do astrology or numerology if no one jumps in to do a card reading for you. I would need your birthdate. I also don't do furture readings so much as I look at what may be stopping your love life from flowing right now in the present.

  • I´m born the 23rd. Thank you on beforehand / Veronica

  • Of Apri that is, 1982.

  • Hi Veronica23,

    You certainly did come through with a lot of energy - facing forward and wanting to take the bull by the horns - trying to barrel forward and just moving way too fast. PATIENCE. The message is that when you strive so hard to make something happen or force a resolution to a situation you are resisting, you create an energy that repels that which you want to manifest. There may also be a caution here that you move too fast and steamroll people when you are dating. It feels like there is a recent break-up or relationship here that is an issue as well - are you trying to move on too quickly and avoiding your emotions? You are in a place of waiting right now and need to spend it looking within as well as building your own joy that does not involve the external. Practice living in the moment and from a place of grace. Release anxiety or frustration over this - these are negative energies. Focus on the positive things in your life right now - do things that bring you joy - this will raise your vibrations so you can attract that which you want rather than repel it.



  • Veronica, your astrological profile shows that what you really want is to be in absolute control of every area of your life all the time. You need to believe you have the power to succeed. But the truth is you can never control situations or other people enough to feel that it's safe to be yourself. In order to do it, you must stay in touch with your feelings and insecurities, and share the truth about yourself with others. Acknowledging your insecurities will give you a stable base from which to create success in the outer world, for then you will no longer be fighting yourself by trying to hide or suppress your feelings. As long as you remain aware of and supportive of other people, you will gain the support you require to help you on your own path.

    While you often have a sentimental side, in relationships your emotional expression can get inhibited because you tend to focus your creative energies in your mind. You tend to repress or intellectualize your feelings so that emotional inhibition, or the apparent absence of emotion, often affects your relationships. You may value and seek relationship with others because you lack a strong sense of relationship with yourself. Most people with your profile appreciate many friends and contacts and also need someone to be there to support them, but they sometimes get caught in the double bind of seeking relationship while simultaneously trying to assert their independent nature. Rarely a joiner, you will probably live as the individualist who marches to the beat of her own drummer. Yet many people will be attracted to you because of your large and stimulating energy field. However, when feeling insecure and inhibited, you will experience difficulty with relationships. When your creative juices are flowing into projects or work, you may be too busy being creative to have much time for other people. Your combination of loyalty, insecurity (needing a sense of connection), ambition, and an independent streak makes for complex relationships.

    You will often become preoccupied with personal achievement and success on this lifepath, but will have to learn to value your own uniqueness and establish a good connection with yourself before such achievement will manifest itself in its most creative form. By examining your fears and working through them, you will find a way to express your welter of feelings creatively. Along the way, you may have to grapple with the disapproval or discouragement of others. Thus, having a supportive and appreciative circle of friends is vital. Taking the risks associated with being different or mediating between the realms of the conscious and unconscious may also be a role you embrace for rather selfish reasons. Though gifted with a rare ability to tap into the subconscious and collective needs of mankind, you might become inclined to use your insights to manipulate others, and your thirst for personal acceptance and power may reach manic proportions if you are not careful. Yet, if you take care to examine your motives as you unlock your secret drives, you can realize lasting accomplishment and enjoy good relationships with others. It often works out best if your partner is a bit unusual or original as well - marrying someone who prefers a traditional lifestyle may hold you back. Living a non-conformist lifestyle, one that stresses personal expression and gives you the freedom to be you, is best. You don't want your efforts to result in a personality torn between workaholic dedication and self-destructive or hysterical revels. Balancing the material and the subjective is the real challenge of your lifepath.

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