Anyone up for a reading?

  • If anyone is feeling up to it, I'd love a reading. Got some love drama and would like to get an outside perspective! Thank you so much!

  • Hi Syn77,

    This relationship just isn't going to gel the way you want it to and Spirit is sending a message of balance...don't try to force things into how you want them to be or resist what is. I am getting a sense of somewhat of an obsessive-compulsive tendency and impulsiveness when it comes to this man. As much as you want this to turn into a happy ending, I am getting a strong sense of this happy ending being based on fantasy rather than reality. It feels like there is a lack of restraint going on - is this person involved with someone else? You have literally imprisoned yourself into this situation and you need to balance your emotions and desires in order to see things clearly. The suggested goal here is inner harmony, balance and a sense of self-control.



  • Thanks Watergirl. Exactly what I needed to hear. Don't suppose Spirit sees a new hottie on the horizon? Or has a great suggestion for keeping my mind off this guy? I do well for a bit and then I keep getting reminded of him. I mentally blocked him, wished him well, and truly want him to be happy, but I keep feeling like he's still lurking there. I haven't talked to him, I don't ask about him, and am sincerely making an effort at getting him out of my head. I'm busy with other things and he still pops up - often when I'm starting to feel like I'm getting it together. Honestly, I am making a concentrated effort to get him out of my head. I've tried everything I can think to make it happen. If Spirit has suggestions, believe me, I am ALL ears.

  • I feel like this is about self-nourishment for you. You tend to lead with s*xual energy and look to this satisfaction from men as a way to nourish yourself, but it has to come from within. This is about shifting your focus from the external to the internal. This is why the message of balance and inner harmony was coming through so strongly. Behavior modification - dialing down the physical aspect of relationships will help to give you clarity on what is really important - what you really want as well as help you with discernment when choosing a partner. Underneath all of this is also a sense that you have lost your faith - this past loss of love or unrequited love has shaken your foundation a bit. Spirit says you must trust where you are being led and not to run away or avoid this inner work you are being encouraged to complete. They say that you will be getting considerable help - fate will be stepping in with a helping hand - and there is a very magnetic attraction that will be coming your way. BUT, first you must learn self-nourishment and balance as well as letting go of any hope with this guy you are still thinking about. You must let him go so that what you REALLY want can arrive. I am getting a Scorpio reference....not sure if it is a personality or timeframe.

  • Watergirl,

    Thank you bunches. I'm with you on the letting go, seriously. Have some other things too that I'm working on finishing up, so I've got plenty of time to work on nothing but getting my head on straight. The information about the new possibilities is terrific and heartwarming, but I'm taking heed and focusing on me for the time being.

    Love and Light. Sending good positive vibes in your direction. I really can't thank you enough for your insights on this.


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