Fallen in love with my Cancer best friend. :(

  • SO, this is what has happened. We were great friends, classmates and all. I am Leo female, so I am more vivacious, loud and outspoken while he keeps to himself and his small circle of friends.

    Now I am generally not wrong when it comes to knowing when a guy likes me and about a year ago, when we were just random classmates, I had this feeling and he really did this stuff that made it clear he had a crush on me. And then his father died and suddenly he clamped up and would speak only to this other female, another leo but she was more like him, quiet and reserved. Me and him were still close and we got closer still, but he would unload his emotional baggage on her while I was the one who would be there for all the fun.I guess, me being too much into fun pushed him away.he started trusting me later on, opening up to me and all and by that time, i had broken up with this crazy guy I was seeing on and off and started developing feeling for my cancer man. And this is when my radar stops working. he started confusing me. I'd started feeling insanely jealous of him and the other LEO bitch. And then there would be people telling me how they had been spotted cuddling in some library or some far off corner of the university.

    But, both of them told me that she was a sister to him especially after his father's death when he only spoke to her. Not good for my jealous self when I wanted to be the one for him. really pissed me off especially when she would act so cosy with him.Well people dont act like that in a platonic relationship.!

    Then one day I told him that I feel left out with the two of them, he felt real bad, kept on apologising for days and I said its ok, i'd rather hang out with them individually and the three of us stopped hanging out together. I told her the same and she didn't respond. ANd I started drifting apart from the two of them. Me and her stopped being friends completely and all the other people said that its obvious she has feelings for him. Me and him kept growing closer until one day he comes to me and says I should start acting normal coz I am hurting the most important person in his life, her. Apparantly she had said something to him. That hurt me. I cried for a week. It was downhill from then on, we stopped speaking, ignoring each other, I was hurting so bad and the creep didnt even care that is until i asked him what went wrong and he called me up. We spoke a lot that night, him saying that he thinks he is close to me and so he thought he could say anything to me and he didnt apologise though, now I think of it. Things didnt get back to normal till last month. Our semester ended and she went back to her place, thats way out of the city. And me and him became real close. Now he is open with me about everything.

    But its just that, I don't know how much I can trust him. I have kept this thing in my mind that in another month, when our vacations end and the bitch is back, he will change and go back to her. One thing I know for sure is that he has only platonic feelings for her and he is physically attracted to me. But I dont know where I lie in his priorities now? He treats me amazingly well when we meet, introduced me to his mother and now me and her good friends, takes me out when he is not busy.

    Its all a matter of priorities with him and i dont know what I should do? I know I am falling hard for him and I dont want to if that would mean a repeat of everything what happened a month ago. How do i know???

  • Samirablack, I'm sorry no one has replied...I haven't been on in a long time or I would reply immediately! I hope you're still checking your post.

    I'm so sorry for what you've gone through. That really hurts. His behavior is not only confusing; it's mean and insensitive. I really feel for you, but I have to tell you how this appears. He tells you she's the "most important thing in his life" and they're seen being more than platonic, she disappears temporarily, and then he runs to you. You're absolutely right to question his motives. What did he do when your friendship with the other Leo ended? How do you know he has only plantonic feelings for her?

    In all fairness, it IS a good sign, especially with Cancers, if he introduces you to his mother and you get along well. However, I would advise you to acknowledge your mixed feelings and be very cautious. Don't rush into anything physical or make any huge commitments until he has proved he is trustworthy. It's also important to ask yourself: when school starts back, can you handle it if he remains friends with her? Is he speaking to her now, over break?

    I know from experience how painful it is to be the one who is "there for the fun" when someone else receives his true commitment, which is why I cannot stress enough, don't get too physical too fast. I'm not saying you have to or should remove him from your life, just wait and see what happens when school begins again. This awkward situation won't last forever, and you'll receive answers soon. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Aww That sucks Samaira! Do you know what his Moon/Rising signs are?

  • I'm a cancer, but I'm always saying I think the guys are different then us girls, howwever, I know I am very loyal to friends, he probably considers both of you good friends, but if he;s made to choose, if your just talking about a cancer trait, he could choose the platonic friend just out of loyalty, or guilt. It sounds like you really like him and he might feel that way about you too, is there any way of getting along with her? I know blah lol, have you asked him if they are just friends? are you two just friends?

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