Hi....could I get a reading on my birth chart...pretty please :-)

  • Hi,

    Would like to get a reading on my birth chart.

    The details are as follows:

    D.O.B - Thursday January 11, 1973 - Time: 2:30 am - Place: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Sun - Capricorn

    Moon - Aries

    Ascendant - Scorpio

    Venus - Sagittarius

    Mars - Sagittarius

    Mercury - Capricorn

    Jupiter - Capricorn

    Saturn - Gemini

    Neptune - Sagittarius

    Uranus - Libra

    Pluto - Libra

    Midheaven - Leo

    I have looked into all of these. But just trying to piece it together and would like to see what it all means for my "outlook" on life.

    A big THANK YOU for your consideration on my reading 🙂

    CuteCappy ❤

  • Hi,

    Overall. you have a (large) majority of planets on the left side of your chart, indicating that you may be more focused on self than others (that's not a bad thing). Self-expression and forming your own destiny may be important to you.

    One thing that pops out about your chart is that your Sun is close to your North Node, which is quite auspicious. Your North Node represents the work you need to do in life, the transformation you need to go through. Usually this can take a lifetime (if not more). However with the energy of the sun, the qualities and strengths you need to do this work are already incorporated into your ego and core identity, such that you'll have many resources to do so.

    Your North Node (and your Sun, Mercury and Jupiter) are all in your 3rd house, which represents your mind. That means an area in which you can accomplish a lot of progress in this lifetime, and which you have many tools to do so, is the area of your views, perceptions, communication, and self-expression. The North Node here means ideally moving in the direction of asserting your own opinions in an objective, non-emotional way, Also, an area for great growth is learning to speak confidently and becoming proficient in written or verbal communication. There is great power in the word. Using your words wisely and precisely could be beneficial in situations in which emotions or outdated beliefs cloud the field.

    It keeps getting better! You also have a Sun-Jupiter conjunct here, bringing great enthusaism and optimism to the above-mentioned. You have a knack for seeing the good--and expecting the best--in yourself and others. Just make sure to not let your over-optimism blind you. Most of the time there's nothing to worry about though, and you may feel like you have a guardian angel following you around!

    On top of all this, you also have Mercury - communications central - in your 3rd house, along with all the dynamics above. The way I see it this only emphasizes your potential in communications as a tool of self-expression and clarity.

    Another thing that pops out to me from your chart is your Moon-Chiron conjunction in the 5th house/Aries. The 5th house is the area of creativity, and the moon-Chiron connection endows you with an instinctive understanding of the mind/body connection. You might use this to heal yourself, and then in turn to share the understandings you gained with others. Your self-healing might take place in regards to an emotional wound from early in life when you had to take life too seriously too soon or felt that your dreams were not supported. Your healing others may take place within your own family or through creative pursuits (5th house). Chiron in Aries means this wound is related to your sense of self and may play out as overreaction to criticism. You may have felt your creativity was not acknowledged. But guess what? Beethoven himself had this placement! The fact that Aries is combined with Chiron means that there can be a lot of power in your creative expression once you are able to awaken it.

    Now, putting these two pieces together, you have another interesting dynamic. Your Moon/Chiron creative/emotional/healing process is somewhat at odds (square) with your North Node/Sun communication growth work. This could mean a few things. In general, when Chiron squares the North Node, it can be a distraction to the work you need to do there. In your case, this could mean the wound you received from non-acknowledgment of your creativity or dreams could be loading unnecessary emotional baggage in areas where you need to strive for communication, clarity and non-emotional involvement. Your South Node is in the 9th house/Cancer, such that you need to move away from visceral/emotional reactionariness and towards free thinking, ope-mindedness, acceptance and nurturing of various points of view in yourself and in the world. Ideally, you can use your Wounded Healer on this path and use the secrets you learned about self-healing, self-knowledge and self-love through your own healing process, and learn to use words in a way that are not owned by emotions but can voice them clearly and effectively.

    All the best,


  • Hi Joy,

    Thank you so much for doing my reading.

    I am amazed on the aspects that you have touched on. Because it is so recongnizable to the way I view and deal with things. Having this understanding and knowing this is the "essence" of my being will help me will no doubt help me on my path through life.

    Ahhhh....feel much better about the way things are and that I'm on the right track.

    Again, thank you for your gifted clarity on my birth chart.

    And sorry for the late reply....not been on my computer for a few days 🙂


    CuteCappy ❤

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