Can ANYONE please give me a reading today ?

  • This issue is very important. I want to know why do I feel so drawn to this certain Woman ?

    Is she a soulmate ? Ive talked to her once before, but this was at a public event. I have not

    seen her since. She works for a media company not far from me. There was an email

    exchange also on last year. She is very attractive. She has grey eyes, light brown hair, red lips,

    and an olive complexion. I know this is something more than infatuation. I feel as if I know her

    from somewhere before. And when she talks her voice is a very familliar one. I told her something before about pride and her emotions about a private issue, and she responded positively. It was a matter of conviction. Her location is next a beach area.

    We connected. I do want to conversate with her again. Her first name starts with the letter "W'..

    I just feel close to her even when we she is not near. I am only 1 hour away though.

    And sometimes I have these dreams about her, too.

    Is she my soulmate ?

    My birthday is 12/19/76. I am in the US. Can someone please help ! I would appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Zaros,

    Your longing for this woman is coming through very strongly, but it feels like your desire for something magical to occur between the two of you may not be realistic. She seems distant and possibly even unavailable. Sometimes when we feel strongly for someone and we want to find a way to explain away the obstacles of not being able to come together at the level we desire, we develop these past-life and soul mate fantasies as a way to hang on. I am not saying she is not a just need to understand that sometimes soulmates appear in our lives to teach us a lesson about detachment and letting go. What I am getting for you is a need for balance and grounding. There is a sense of powerlessness or inadequacy here. The lesson is to overcome these feelings as well as to learn to listen to your true heart and not your ego which is desire driven. Work on your self-confidence. If there is something you can do that you haven't with regard to connecting with this person, then do it. If you have done this already and have not gotten the results you wanted, then you might need to realize that this situation does not serve you and you need to drop it...surrender. We all want that relationship that feels like a cosmic connection and is based on mutual tenderness and even enchantment, but be sensible and practical in your search. Patience. I feel like there will be a complete reversal in your future, but I honestly am not getting that it will be with this particular woman.



  • Watergirl. Thanks for the response. But what about............Nevermind. I know what must be done.

    I was quite pleased with the accuracy of your reading. Thank you for your guidance.

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