Need a reading for my daughter

  • If anyone could give me a reading for my daughter I would really appreciate it. Danielle's birth date is 10/5/89. She has finished her first 2 years of college and has her Associates degree now. She started out wanting to be a teacher but with all the layoffs and budget problems within the districts she has decided teaching is not for her. Problem is she has no idea on what to major in or even what she would like to do for her future. She is very stressed out about this. Which in turn is stressing me

  • She should still pursue teaching if that's what she actually wanted to do. The reality is that the layoffs and budget problems are occurring everywhere. In order to teach, she would need to further her education to a Bachelors Degree, no? That's another 2 years -- who knows what the staffing levels and budget will look like by then!

  • No she actually came to the conclusion that I already knew....teaching is not for her.

    Can anyone tell me what her future holds for her? : )

  • BUMP : /

  • Her stress level is normal--for her and unfourtunetly as mother bear you want to fix it---you want her not to be unhappy. This is going to take some difficult changes on your part to adjust from mommy fixer and helper to letting her struggle on her own. We all would prefer a crystal ball to just give us a map---a perfect answer. The truth is that at her age it is very hard for most to even know what their calling is. For a few they know all their lives and never waver but mostly that is not how it works. Education is valuable no matter what--and that's the aproach to take as she needs to feel that freedom to explore--even fail--or change her mind without the failure mode setting in. The battle in her head is between gut feelings and logic---trying to plan a map of success--a career that will support her. That is a big "IF" because the truth is most college students do not know their future. College--special the first two years is also about maturing and moving from child to adult. Choosing a major needs to be open ended so she can have room to discover hidden talents she never realised she had---and possabily meet up with her mentor. You sound like a supportive mom---continue to give her room to find herself---very few descisions are well made under pressure or fear of mistakes. Often ideas in the head do not match up with reality. Because really they have no idea of the reality. Many students choose teaching--their ideas and intentions are based on wanting to be of sevice---be meaningfull. Most find out once in the classroom that it is not all they thought it would be--that the stress is overwhelming ---the hours long and it is a very tough job that really does not pay well--it is a vocation that takes sacrifices. Anything in the medical field is good right now---x-ray tech---mri tech---positions like that are good. It could be that just working for awhile will give her room to grow more. My psychic impression is that there is no quik fix for her right now---it is just part of her journey. The biggest advice I'm hearing is just support her and give her room to change her mind as needed as this is a journey and sometimes it takes a lot of twists and turns to find your purpose. I am getting that she should stay with education---but not be so fixed on a subject and to change her perspective about failure---to give herself permission to explore. She needs to be working as holding down different jobs helps one know more in a realistic way what they are cut out for. She needs a realistic list of her plusses and minuses. Her temperment---her stamina and how well she does under certien stressful situations. Is she the calm in a storm? Or an empathetic sponge that absorbs everything around her and needs quiet time and down time. Hep her in a non nagging way to be aware of the inportance of choosing high ideas by including the reality of her needs--realistically. Spirit mentions "communications" is she a good writer?---grant writing is an option and also can be done at home. I'm picking up that she will do best at something flexible---she needs room for other interests and I feel she will do well at several things and her main drive will always be towards some kind of service to others---I think she needs to grow into the leadership roll--that she will have to earn that. Again spirit is saying--no quik fix here or map. Help her avoid that perfectionist energy that tends to paralize her. Also, help her accept that it is ok to change course at anytime and there are no mistakes--just lessons and life is a journey. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much Blmoon. You are so right, I don't want her to be unhappy and I don't want her to struggle like I have had to for most of my life! The mistake made here was that we agreed to let her take a semester off and since then she has been very unmotivated. I know she will find her way, she always does.

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  • Do you have your daughter's birth time?

  • 7:54am

  • no 7:54PM

  • wow, that's my exact birth time too (on a different day)! i'll look into it and get back to you. by the way i think it's very sweet that you are looking for a reading for your daughter. i could have been spared a lot of confusion had i gotten a reading when i was at that stage.

  • also birth place would help

  • Your daughter has Capricorn in the 10th house of Career, which is also the ruling sign of this house. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn here gives her a strong sense of dedication, which has a lot of pressure and responsibility along with it. In the long run, she will have success as well as recognition for her efforts. Although she is ambitious she may be slow putting these goals into action. A mother can be a very helpful source of providing her with a patient framework in which to develop.

    Also, she has a Mars-Neptune Square in her birth chart, which can indicate a running gap between dreams and reality. Try to be continue to infuse faith in her dreams, while helping her stay attentive to the state of reality, right now. As long as she keeps focused on the big picture, she'll come to realize that every effort is a step towards the great success that lies in her destiny.

  • Thanks Kabalista...I guess you don't need the birthplace now, right?

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