I am virgo Woman an love with Aguarius man

  • we have been on an of for 3 years now but i know he is my 1 love any Aquarius men out there who care to give me some pointers on how to handle this if to gave hem mower time or to lat hem go for good......thank you

  • You need to think of the Aquarian in terms of Dog. Had to let mine go for good because loyal he was but never quite certain if he wanted to be. The work involved proving my emotions wore me out and required a submissive nature of which I am not. Their faith and convictions that all they say and do are right without a shadow of doubt leave little room for accepting another's point of view. It would seem compatibility is only as good as the partner who must be willing to be far more flexible than the Aquarian. If you can achieve that you can achieve a lasting relationship with such a person.

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