Want to look deeper into my chart......Can someone help explain some things???

  • OK, so I have been reading more about my moon (Cancer). I "think" I was born when the moon was full. Anyway, my emotions are very strong most of the time, but I feel different every day. I have read on some sites that the change of the moon affects Cancer moon people a great deal. What I really want to follow is where the moon is on any given day and how it corresponds with my birth chart. I have had the hardest time figuring out that if the moon is at 29* Gemini, where does that hit me in my chart? (just an example)

    I just feel I need to figure this out so I can manage and interpret my emotions better. I make decisions one day and feel completely different a day or two later. I really would like to learn to level myself out a bit more. (If possible)

  • The moon is the fastest moving planet and its average speed is about 13 degrees each day. It’ll be pretty difficult to predict/control your moods based on the moon transits because it will move a degree approximately every 2 hrs or less. I think a Cancer moon is moodier than a Cancer sun though, but you can look for other aspects to ground you as opposed to trying to anticipate a mood. It would be next to impossible to live your life that way. You can find the positions of the planets in an ephemeris if you care to purchase one or you can find one online for free.

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