Am i ready? a reading/advice needed please

  • Hello, and thank you for reading my post 😃

    Im so excited but nervouse. Im scheduled to take my exam tomorrow with the boards of nuring (yay!). Im not sure if I am rady for it so im debating if i should reschedule my exam date or just go for it and take it. I was focused during the program but lately i have been slacking off in studying. i went from studying 5 hrs toMAYBE 2 hrs a day.

    should i reschedule, am i ready to pass this exam?? pls help =))

    hugs and lots of love,


  • Hello sweetoty

    I feel that you are as ready as you will ever be. Nursing is a rewarding career and one that can lead into other avenues down the road, spirit wants you to keep that in mind.

    I wish you the best and know that you will give it.


  • aawww thank you Shuabby. its been a while since i herd from you, always nice nice to hear from you....=)

    It may sound like i, studying enough, but truth is not everyone is a natural"spunge" I needed to study my butt off to get that A or B.

    I took boards yesterday.. and from what a lot of people say that is a short cut in getting my results.. according to that so far so good (yay)

    during the program, I went through a lot with the brea up with my ex aand my good friend This was alll so hard for me.. and Im so, for the very first time, proud of my self.. I FINISHED IT!! 😃 and on a very seriouse note. I MADE IT, with the help of you and others on this site. Your words and advice are valude more then you know.. thank you so very much for all ❤

    p.s my heart is no longer hurting. I found THE ONE (just like you said i would)

    love and a big bear hug,


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