Would someone please shed some light for me?

  • I am a pisces, and I met a man who is also a pisces, we became friends and really got to know one another, we have been friends now 101/12 months. Then we started sharing out feelings a little deeper, about how we are very attracted to one another . We have so much in common in every way.

    However, there is a slight problem, he has been dating someone for 11 years, and she also is a pisces. He said he loves her, he bought an engagement ring for her 3 years but still hasn't given it to her. His good friend, doesn't feel she treats him right, so that was why he has not given it to her. I told him I wouldn't ever want to come between their relationship. He told me, that if they should ever go their seperate ways, I am the one he wants to be with. I want him to be happy not matter what, I don't want him confused.

    Could someone please kindly give me some idea as to where his relationship with her or even with me will stand. Please

  • Hi Dragonfly,

    I am so sorry, but you've gotten yourself into a bit of an emotional triangle my dear. Unfortunately, I don't see this ending well for you if you remain involved. You must force yourself to take a step back and look at the situation clearly - accept that he is involved with someone else and it is a long-term relationship and forget about any statements or claims of the relationship being on the rocks or of her "not treating him right." I hate to say it, but that is a classic line of every man who is stepping out on his woman and has committment issues. I know it is difficult, but you need to let go and then stand your ground. If he is truly unhappy with her then the relationship will come to its conclusion without you being involved. As it stands right now, Spirit is showing him as a big "no."

    Take care of YOU!



  • Thank you Watergirl,

    Stepping back is exactly what I am going to do. As wonderful as love can be, it can also , be so confusing.

    I know your right and in my heart and mind it is the right and only thing to do.

    Thank you again


  • Watergirl

    Just curious are there any love prospects for me any time soon, that are not attached ??? Just thought I would ask.

    Thank you

  • Hi Dragonfly,

    A strong message is coming through about obsession. Are you in love with the idea of love? It feels like you are the typical "woman who loves too much." This could have a lot to do with your sun sign being in Pisces...

    I am being told that although you are ready and rearing to go to have this love in your life that you need to slow down and take it one day at a time. Focus on patient, slow and steady progress. You have some emotional debris that needs to be cleared away first.

    The first issue at hand that needs to be cleared away is the most recent relationship. Now that you have enlightenment about the let's say, structural flaws, of this involvement, you need to take some time to heal from the dashed hopes and feeling like a promise failed to come through. Also, give yourself time for some inner reflection. I'm tired right now so I may be way off base but I feel like there are some old wounds you need to heal as well. fNot sure if this is referencing this most recent relationship, but it feels like it goes deeper. What was your relationship like with your father? Do you have a pattern of attracting unavailable or commitment-phobic men or just situations that leave you feeling victimized in some way? It just feels like there is something hidden that needs to come to light - something that has created this self-defeating behavior and/or belief system about yourself that attracts these situations. It feels like there is a fear or resistance to being alone and some emotional hypersensitivity - this may just be the Pisces traits in you I am picking up, but it could also be indicative of some emotional scarring from your past.

    I know you are disheartened by your unfulfilled romantic desires at present, but you must have faith in this process...you are being given a chance to clear what has been hindering you from having what you want - to clear your inner demons. This healing will bring a new sense of self-confidence, much renewed vitality, and most importantly a sense of inner peace which will then lead to you attracting a steady, secure relationship with an emotionally stable, compassionate and faithful BACHELOR (in other words, someone who is available and ready to commit!)

    In the meantime, ask for assistance from your guides and angels and listen to your inner promptings. Try to maintain balance and focus on restoring your hope and cheer.



  • Watergirl

    Thank you.

    The attracting of unavailable men has just been recent. I have been alone and on my own for quite sometime. My relationship with my father, was a very good one. That would be more my mother. In the past I have struggled with coming to terms and accepting my relationship with my mother. However now, I can honestly say I am at peace, at peace with my mother, my life of being single. As far as dating unavailable men, it has never been a date, and truthfully , I am always working most of my time..

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