Redid Chart, SO LOST! Help :(

  • Good Morning!

    Any advice on this matter would be appreciated 🙂

    I’ve used, I imagine like any other, these “birth chart calculators” easily found on Google for the longest. I’ve always gotten the same results: Sun in Cancer (1° 30’, House VII), Moon in Aquarius (17° 08’, House II), ASC in Sagittarius (17°14’), Mercury in Gemini (9°18’, House VII)…etc, etc.

    I know that being on the cusp of Gem/Cancer, I am ruled by both the Moon & Mercury.

    I’ve always just entered my birth data (birth time: 18:11, birth place: La Habana, Cuba) and have gotten these results. However, I’ve decided I want to use hand crafted chart making as a meditation tactic, so I went ahead and confirmed my EXACT birth place longitude & latitude (23° 08’ N, 82° 23’ W) and as in 1989 daylight savings time was in effect, it made the Cuba time zone CDT (-4.00). I used GMT (-04:00) Santiago.

    Now, one thing I was confused about was the difference between local time (18:11) and GMT (14:11), and to my understanding this is standard, not at all detrimental to the correct reading of the chart?

    To conclude, now I feel very odd about the results. It’s almost as if I’ve been lied to all these years (and I say this while chuckling), and the results are as follows:

    Sun in Cancer (1° 08’, House XI), Moon in Aquarius (11° 06’, House VI), ASC in LEO (15° 44’), Mercury in Gemini (08°52’, House X), etc, etc. My midheaven changed from Virgo to Taurus, and of course so did most of the houses.

    In addition, the chart used here is with the Placidus Houses, showing that my Moon & Sun are actually in Gemini (21°35’, House VII) & (08°52’, House VI)…all very confusing!

    I guess I could say that the proof is in the pudding, I did use my exact times & dates, and stayed true to the time zone in which I was born…any thoughts?

    I did have my chart professional done, but that was also incorrect (I believe), since she told me my Sun in Cancer was at 21°.

    Also, being that I am 1° 08’ into Cancer, that I have a greater influence in Gemini, and thus more ruled by Mercury? I ask because my push and pull struggle with emotions and logic would be much easier to deal with! Also, this complete turn from an Aqua moon to a Leo moon, what should I make of that?

    A lot of questions, I know, but I would appreciate any help!! 🙂

  • Hi FickleDove, It is difficult to figure out what has gone wrong as you haven't given you date of birth.

  • I am guessing that your birth date would be 22/06/1989 as this is the date that the sun was at 1 degree Cancer and Moon was in the 2nd Decan of Aquarius. If this is the case my calculations produce the following.

    Asc. 2 Leo 22

    MC 28 Aries 04

    Sun 1 Cancer 05

    Moon 11 Aquarius 26

    Mercury 8 Gemini 48

    Venus 21 Cancer 46

    Daylight saving was in effect in Cuba at the time which gave me the calculations above. WITHOUT daylight saving the Ascendant would have been 15 Leo 44

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