For Patchlove

  • Hi Mags,

    How is your legged best friend? I hope better!

    Do your kids get out of school over the summer? How is your family?

    Its going to be 88 here tomorrow...ick! Thank goodness it will cool down next week.

    Things here are pretty good. My daughter in law introduced me to, and we found a meeting called Oneness Blessing. It is a group of people interested in spiritual growth and meditation. very cool!

    I put a photograph book's been a dream to make one for a long time. I am goping to place a link with the stipulation to please not buy this book. I just want to share the book, not give anyone enterprise to make money from it.

    I hope you can see it.

    I got a coupon from socialliving for 9.00 and they did a beautiful job. I will probably buy a few to share, though they will be much more expensive.

    Yahoo has a great group program called freecycle...and I belong to the wichita kansas group. It helps to keep junk out of our landfills and is awesome.

    Well Mags dear, I have nothing new at this time. All is well...I enjoy it when it is so.

    Much Love and Light to you, may you be Blessed in all your ways.

    With friendship and Love,


  • Hi Chris ,

    The book is lovely beautiful all round with both pictures and words , thankyou for posting it to me . My dog is back to his cheerful old self again , wagging his tail and barking at everyone that walks by , and i am so grateful to hear him bark again . I really appreaciate everyones thoughts , prayers and healing energy that was sent to him . My kids have 5 weeks off over summer which falls through christmas and new year , the have just finished term 1 of the school year on friday we have 4 terms , they will now be off for 2 weeks holidays .The weather has still be quite warm we are in autumn ( fall ) now , ther last few days were pefect weather 25 deg cel not to hot not to cold i wish it could be like that everyday . Im so glad to hear all is well .you are in my thoughts always .

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Thank you Mags for your loving comments.

    I'm so glad the admins allowed the link.

    I love Autumn..I know you will enjoy the kids.

    I have a question I am going to post to all in another thread. I dont want to leave you with the burden of the energy here.

    I want us to smile and be happy together!! lol

    Love and Blessing come your way dear Mags. So glad your pet is much better!

    With Love and Friendship, and gratitude for knowing you,


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