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  • Hi Chris,

    That will be great getting a way for awhile visitong your Mum and Sister , no one in the house smokes and the kids are all well now thankgod. here is an interpretation from the dream dictionary about dreaming of your Father

    To see your father in your dream symbolizes authority and protection. It suggests that you need to be more self-reliant. Consider also your waking relationship with your father and how aspects of his character may be incorporated within yourself.

    also there is a site called The check it out it looks really good .

    Look for angel feathers on your travels as they are always with you but want to let you know they are there .You are truly blessed

    Take care my friend

    Love, light and hugs Magsxx

  • Thank you Mags,

    So glad the kids are well! Yayyy!!

    Thank you so much for your words. My father definitely inspired self reliance. I do believe I need to exercise more of it, especially at this time. Thank you.

    My father passed in 2003, but I very much feel is still with me. I saw the most beautiful huge white moth/butterfly when I was waiting for one of brothers at the airport as we were gathering together for the remembrance of him at his passing. I strongly felt it was a sign that he was still with us in spirit. A beautiful creature in the midst of all the glass and concrete.

    I look more like him than I want to some mornings...:-) I see him in myself physically and in character.

    I will look up the dream forum, thank you.

    Hoping your day is bright and filled with Love my friend.

    God Bless you richly in all things.


  • Hi Chris,

    I know what you mean about your Dad my Dad has been gone since 2004 and yesterday i had an amazing experience, i kept feelig as if someone was playing with my hair and Paddifluff confirmned it was my Dad im so happy that hes come to me after all this time its wonderful .

    That is truly amazing about the moth what a beautiful sign you are so blessed .

    I hope all is well you are always in my heart and thoughts

    Take care my friend

    Love, light and hugs Mags xx

  • Safe journey, dear Mags, come home renewed with family ties that bring you joy and lots of hugs!!

  • Hi Chris,

    Safe journey ? I wish i was going on a journey do you know something in a psychic way that i dont? Oh i hope so it would be nice to get away from it all .Are you going to see your Mum soon? I hope all is well

    Take care

    Love, light and hugs Mags xx

  • Oh, silly

    I thought you were going to see your mum and sister.!!

    lol..I can be dingy at times.

    Well dear, grandson Alexander james came into the world on Sept 20, 2011. His birth was indeed distressing to my soul as I was asked to leave the birthing room. It was almost as devastating to me as the death of a friend, not being there to welcome my flesh and blood.

    I understand it was a very private moment...but it hurt none the less.

    I have been to visit him, he is beautiful. perhaps this was the James you were seeing.

    Hope your days are happy,

    Love and caring, may blessings be yours,


  • Hi Chris,

    Congratulations how wonderful for you im sorry to hear you were asked to leave the birthing room , my Mum never came in with me it was only my husband and myself tears are welling up thinking about those days . It was the best feeling ive ever experienced in my life feeling my babies grow inside me the movement and kicking how i loved it . Is this your first grandchild?

    I hope all is well my thoughts are with you

    Take care

    Love, light and hugs Magsxx

  • James is the second grandbaby, Natalie Jo is the first, born last Novenber.

    I agree, feeling the babies move is the most precious experience, such a joy.

    Love is strong and like a flowing river at this time. I welcome it with open arms.

    I have come to know of another child, a Jamie, who passed with leukemia when she was about 5. She visits a house where her grandparents lived..I went for my first visit last night. It is funny how these incindences keep coming my way. I want to talk to Jamie, but just broke the ice last night by visiting the family. They say there is another spirit in the home, non-threatening. I took pictures and I think a couple are interesting. I sent them by email and will find out if anyone sees what I am seeing.

    I would love to help Jamie continue on...her grandmother is waiting for her with much love and joy.

    lol..there is Jamie again...:-) perhaps you are here to guide me dear Mags.

    Love and blessings be with you,thank you.


  • Hi Chris,

    Thats it Jamie she was the one coming through for you, i have to say ive had the spirit of a child in my house running up and down the halway i know is attached to me through the birth of my last son Jonathan , it is a boy i will call him Nathan ,i feel he is mine even though i never misscarried or lost a child at all i just know he is part of me , i cant help but think he is a twin of my son as i didnt find out i was pregant until 11 weeks and i had a couple of periods as well so i dont know im submissing but like i said i strongly feel the child is my blood .

    Did Jamie have long blonde hair ? as i am seeing a vision Can you post the pictures here for me to have a look at ?

    I hope all is well

    Take care love, light and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    I have a picture but as usual no one seems to see what I do...I see an eastern man with a long white beard and a turbin..maybe its a guide for me and thats why no one else can see it.

    don't have any pictures of jamie, but I think you are right about the blonde hair. The girl said she saw a picture of her and Im thinking she said blonde hair.

    I'm thinking I need to direct my focus more on the living positive side of things...perhaps I am getting too involved in things that have no benefit except to learn..and let the learning be enough for now. lol..all of my friends and relatives are thinking Im a nut case.


    Time for me to enjoy other's talents and keep

    I took photographs at a dance studio today...and the young girl taking lessons does have blonde hair...long blonde hair.

    May this day find your soul at peace dear Loap mags.

    Love to you and yours,


  • HI Chris,

    I am seeing the little girl she is holding a flower out to me , i cant make out what sort it is only that it is the colour purple and her hair is blowing in the wind she is wearing what looks like a white dress with some sort of pattern on it i cant make it out , i also feel it has a sash around it .that would tie up at the back. I feel it is summer she is playing outside . I feel she is standing in front of a white weatherboard house did she live in a rural area do you know?

    love and hugs to you Chris i hope all is well

    your friend Mags xx

  • Dear Mags,

    I will pass on your vision. As I was reading it I was reminded of my stepdaughter. She was 8 when we met and I have always enjoyed taking pictures of her. I have one of her in a picture that is in a semi rural area with a barn behind her. Her hair is long and blowing, and she is wearing a light blue dress. In the picture she almost an angel.

    She lived in very rural area a year or so ago...and ..I believe the house next to their trailer was an old white


    I will ask Kim about the picture she has seen of Jamie. I think she lived here in Wichita.

  • you think that when I see faces I am just ...imagining them? Is there any sense of them being real people?

    I have a peice of artwork I did when I was feeling very miserable in my former marriage..I was using a technique of drawing faces with different mediums....then I oil-chalked the large page with different colors solidly over the faces...over the whole page. Afterwards I scraped off layers to reveal the faces and semi figures.

    There is a face on there that doesnt look like the was done with a very fine pointed pen and I was very very surprised to see it there. I dont know why I started scraping there...I didn't remember putting this face on there at all..and don't believe I did. It is very detailed, almost alive in it's oneryness and impish look ...has a peeking grin that says..." I see you!" lol.. I have it hanging up this year after having it put away. This was done like almost 12 yrs ago.

    Question....did I put the impish face there?

    Was good to come here and see your note. Thank you.

    Love and blessings,


  • Hi Chris ,

    I feel they could be from spirit world , Do you have a spiritualist church in your area? Do you know of any trusted clairvoyants that can help you ? Can you post a copy of your scketches here for me to look at?

    Blessing to you my friend

    L&L Mags 🙂

  • Hi Mags,

    I'm not sure what a spiritualist church is.

    One of the faces reminds me of a woman who came to be my boss.Another is of a woman of black descent..she is beautiful in my mind, with an elegant is of a preacher type male figure...almost like a jewish person with a rounded hat, ...I thought that reflected my interest in spiritual matters. I just went and looked at it again..I do have a friend I can call and have her look at it....a great idea, thank you.

    I will try to take some pictures and see if I can get them on least through a link. Artistically they aren't very good...but to me they are interesting.

    I hope your day went well, and you rest well tonight.

    Love and Blessings always,


  • ok..will try one picture now...

  • again? weelll...cant remember for sure what I did before..will look for a way

  • Mags, I gave up and am sharing a link for the photos

    There are several of some shots..the smaller ones I tried to downsize .the paper is in a plastic frame, so please forgive the glare

  • password to view albumn is love12345

  • I should explain that the picture titled UNKNOWN is the face that I don't believe I put in - it feels like it has personality

    I had forgotten how I uncovered was scraping the oil chalk off the whole page

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