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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for clarification I felt James was someones child now i need to figure out what the message is, im on my main computer in the living room at the moment and cant here myself think with the tv going, i will send you another post as soon as i hook my laptop up and can think clearly .

    Be Back soon Love and Light LOap:)

  • Thank you Loap 🙂

  • Hi Chris ,

    Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you , im not feeling the name James as such anymore but . i have been seeing a bunch of pink roses everytime i click on this particular thread and your avatar hes just stood out to me that it is a pink rose . Have you recieved a bunch of them recently or do you know someone in spirit who is conneted with pink roses ? I hope all is well with you and your family

    Take care love and light Loap:)

  • Sorry when i say this particular thread i dont mean our thread its another thread where someone is asking me for a reading .

    Sorry i dont mean to confuse you .

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Loap,

    You are really tuned in to others in a special way..I have enjoyed reading your posts.

    I've been researching the color pink, and found this..

    Unconditional Love; Romance, purity, female; healing, indication of an opening to the spiritual self or of a healer

    This is a helpful website.

    think you picked up on the energy of James in my thoughts concerning his accident, they are still very intense...I cannot even relate the experience without tears, though it happened 4 yrs ago.

    You are perhaps tuning in to your spiritual development when on the you open your heart to others the energy of healing is coming to you. It seems to agree with the ideal that Jesus taught, in giving love, we also receive it.

    What is ailing your children?

    Love and Light continue to shine brightly for you,Mags


  • Hi Chris,

    Thankyou that is a very interesting sight ive added it to my favourites .I often send the colour pink to people for healing . Ok do you have a grandfather in spirit namned James as well ?As i am seeing an image of my dear Grandad who has crosses over whos name is James also as i am typing you this , he is with me and then he is gone so i am a bit confused now .Its such a shame that spiritual energy thread never took off, Im not seeing the pink roses anymore im thinking of joining a spiriual class or church something along those lines so i can open up my ability even more ,as i know the spirits are hear i just wish i could tune myslef in properly ,.

    I hope all is well and i look forward to hearing from you soon ,

    Take care love, hugs and light Mags xx

  • I would believe that your grandfather is most likely the James you are hearing now.

    Be ever so careful dear Mags as you open yourself up to hearing and seeing spirits. May you keep yourself grounded in Gods healing light energy,White Light surround you and protect you.

    A little at a time....when you begin to become confused, back off and regroup until you are once again sure and confident.

    You have been sending your energy may be time to regroup

    You are growing, truly you are. Try to be patient.

    Repost Spiritual Energy.

    I'm sure people will join in once again. I know what you mean about wanting to keep growing in a spiritual way. There is a hunger for the knowledge of God and what our spiritual connection is to Him and to each other.

    another interesting site....I found that I didnt have alot of time...but it is interesting to browse around.

    Take good care dear Loap,Love and Light shine brightly upon you.


  • Hi Chris,

    Thankyou for the site have you actually played the game on it? Ive been busy with the kids the last couple of days , little one has an ear infection and the wether is not very good hear today,yet yesterday it was beautiful like a summers day i cant keep up with it all . l am trying to meditate at night i closed my eyes for a sec and when i opened them the mist was there in swirls and as soon as it knew i was awake it vanished again . I feel its someone who watches over me in my sleep a protector of some sort like my man in the tree. I know i am so blessed to have him appear , he is facing my front door as well and that is a very good omen ,

    I hope all is well on your side of the world look forward to hearing from you soon .

    Love and Light Mags xx

  • Hello Loap, dear mags,

    The little ones do take alot of time and energy and care.

    I did not really get into playing at that site....and found that I didnt have the time to visit there long. It was interesting browsing around.....

    Sometimes milk allergies will play havoc with little well as wheat allergies. Dairy can congest and can cause fluid to build up in the ear. My son had many issues with milk and had chronic ear infections.

    I have started drinking Almond Milk Silk. It is very nutritious.

    I ask God's spirit to be with you, to help you in all things, and for joy to be with you in every day. I miss my little ones...Good thing there is a grandbaby back in town. 🙂

    Love, Chris

  • Hi Chris ,

    How are you i hope all is well . How many grandkids do you have ? My little gets ear infections alot , i think maybe he will have to have grommits soon . Almond milk ive never tried it does it taste nice ? How are your family doing? Has your husband recoverd from his accident . Have you seen Jacob and Tony lately ? I have been doing a few readings here and there as i cant take it on on fulltime with the kids and all ,im rushed off my feet as it is . but im not complaining as they won tbe kids forever time is goes to fast . Must go Chris you are in my thoughts and prayers as well ,

    Take care love , light and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    Hubby is doing good. In fact, he is taking off early am to go on a motorcycle trip with 4 friends that he does every year and will be gone a week.

    I hope it's all good and he comes back well.

    The almond milk is okay...I dont notice it much, I could make it sweeter...but it is okay as is. Much healthier though.

    The kids are the priority, yes, you are right good Mama!!! 🙂

    Im enjoying Zumba much fun. Much love to you too, and angels gaurd over always.


  • Hi Chris ,

    Thanks for your kind words they mean alot , I have seen the and for zumba and have a muffin top that i would like to get rid off does it work? Im glad to hear you hubby is getting out and about . What about Carnation milk have you tried that one ?

    Love, light and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    I am pretty much using the almond milk...nice and low in calories. I have a grandson about to come out of the oven any day now :-)...and a nine month old grandaughter.

    The instructor makes the Zumba fabulous. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and she is in tune with her class. I do believeit is helping.

  • How are you doing Loap Magsnificence????!!!


    Hope your day is wonderful!

    Love and guiding Light,


  • HI Chris ,

    Im doing fine how are you ? I hope all is well ive been flatout this week its Fathers day tomorrow here ,my little one has been sick again this week its never ending the stupid weather is up and down all over the place is driving me crazy .

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend

    Take care love, light anf hugs Mags xx

  • Mags dear friend,

    Your children have been getting ill for some time.Lets look into this matter and see if we can't find out why. There may be an environmental issue going on, or allergies perhaps. Are they taking any vitamins or over the counter medications?

    Allergies can cause all kinds of havoc with the immune system.Has anything changed from the time they began to get sick ?

    I am wishing you only the best, because you certainly deserve it.

    Much love and light upon you and your family.

    Loap is really really good advice 🙂

    Until next time...hope it's soon,

    Chris patchlove

  • Hi Chris,

    A lot of it is to do with the weather here in Melbourne i have just been sick myself with bronchiites its never ending , The whole family has been ill . we have four sesanons here in one day sometimes it can drive you crazy , I am giving my little one vitamins and i think i will start giving it to the others as well . I hope all is well with you and your family

    Take care

    Love, light and hugs Mags xx

  • sorry that should say seasons my spelling has gone haywire lol

  • I dont give a hoot aboutn yer's you I want to see!!!!


    Things are good here. Im going to get an airline ticket to fly to my sisters Oct 14 or there abouts...then drive with her to pick up her daughter see Mom. My mom and sis both sent me money. It makes me sad in a way that I cant do it without putting it on credit...I love them so much...but it hurts a little to have to be taken care of. Im looking very much forward to it, though.

    I am so blessed in this life...truly I am.

    No one in the house smokes...right? Ear infections and bronchial troubles could be a result if so. Also lowers immune system. food or air will do so too.

    I want you all have so much going on. You are a blessing dear deserve health and wellness.

    Love to you all,


    I dreamed about my Dad...I think I heard him say that it wont be long...Im not sure what he meant. Was good to see him.

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