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  • Hii!!! 🙂

    I am with a very small company that makes aviation wire splices and electrical connectors. Jack of all trades..I do a little of everything there, from billing to shipping to making the parts.

    When my husband retires this year we will have to start paying 400 a month for insurance unless I find a job with insurance.

    It will be hard, for I have such freedom where I am. i've been there 13 years.

    I think it's almost time to move benefits here...just time off when I want it and the nicest boss in the world. We will need affordable insurance...but it will probably be much higher if we have to start over with another insurance company...especially with his condition.

  • Sunshine...but as much as we have !!! Blessings and love to you Loap.


  • Thanks Patch same back to you .I hope all is well

    Many blessings Loap:)

  • Hi Living,

    I made a committment to go and talk to Jacob tomorrow morning. I so want to help him.

  • Hi Patch,

    how old is he ? Is he a child i feel a childs energy but then i think you have told me this before im not sure, anyway good on you i hope it all goes well keep us posted.

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Good Mornings Mags,

    Im not sure..8 or 9 was good...I felt he was listening...I hope Tony and the other were too...and that Michael helped them to find the door. I think Tony was staying behind for Jacob.

    I had a peaceful feeling when I left.

    Have a wonderful day, hug the children for me.

    Love and blessings grace your lives, all of you,


  • hI Chris ,

    Thanks for your kind words i was wondering do you feel any spiritual energy around me ?as you are really opening up with Tony and Jacob .

    I hope you have a lovely day

    sending you lots of love and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    I am reading a book that will help me to develop a sensitivity for what is happening around other people...I do want to tune into your close proximity. The incredble kind and loving energy that you have is strongest, that is what I feel first.

    I have alot of distractions at the moment...television on behind me...hubby is getting ready for supper, ect. When he goes to bed I will try, I promise.

  • Hi Chris ,

    Thanks for doing this for me , i really appreaciate it . no rush take your time .

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Dear Mags,

    I do not wish to mislead you in any way. I learned of Jacob and Tony through reading a local paranormal investigating team's experiences at the location. My soul wanted to help them, especially Jacob, to move on to continue their growth, where all encompassing love awaits them. That is why I had to go to them.

    I am an infant in spiritual awakening regarding experience.I want so very much to reach out and help others, dear Mags, the last thing I want to do is to mislead or hurt anyone in any way.

    That being said, I followed through on my promise to you to try, for the first time, to tune in to you and be open to any impressions.

    A matronly woman wearing a dress,in her late 50's came to mind; medium heavyset, kind and gentle in nature, few words spoken,quiet, graying hair pulled back to a bun.

    Please bear in mind what I've said, I am not experienced. I only pray that God opens my mind and heart to receive in a way that is beneficial to you and others.

    Have a very blessed day Mags. Rest when you can and clear your mind of all thought except God's healing light upon you. Many here love you.

    Love and peace be with you, thank you for your loving spirit.


  • Hi Chris,

    Dont worry i understand that you are new to all this i am the same, im jut trying to place this lady , whe you say matronly do you mean like she would have been in charge ? i honeslty cant place anyone like that ,, i feel that i have to ask you did the dress have flowers on it?

  • Hi Mags. Yes...small print flowers. The overall was light colored, but I would say yes, flowers. This may be my imagination dear...and nothing , in all fairness to you. By matronly, I mean buxom...motherly.

    lol..maybe Im looking at myself a few years from now

    since I cant be sure, please dont pay it any mind. When I become better at recognizing what thoughts are mine and what are someone elses...I will try again. Until then, I must be patient and learn.

    You are more aware than I. Trust your own will serve you well.

    Love and peace to you, I hope you are feeling better.


  • Hi Chris,

    I am just learing as well i ve had a few hits and misses , i was wondering can you ask her for a name then i might be able to identify her if you can its no stress if you cant.

    Loveand light Mags xx

  • Hi Mags, I thought I posted last night, ...but I must not have hit the submit button.

    as I was reading your question, the name Emma popped in my head.

    Im sure it was nothing...I have so much distance to cover before I can be of use.

    Have you had any more experiences?

  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry i cant place the name but i will do some investigating as she could be a long lost relative . Im actually picking up a energy around my husband there i a female that is attatched to him, i felt her very strong the other day and paddifluff has picked up on her energy as well but i feel she is a lot younger . I think she might be his guide . I hope all is well

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    I woke from a dream a while ago, a very nice dream of my sisters and I visiting with my father who passed in 03. I felt his presence. Ive been wanting to for awhile .

    I hope all is well with you and the family. I send my love, for it appears that is all I can


    Blessings in Light and Peace,


  • Hi Chris ,

    Im well how are you? That is wonderful that you had a dream about your father been wanting to make contact with my father who died in 04 as well, ive often asked him to come into my dreams but he never has , sorry i havent had chance to do some investingating on Emma yet, ive had all of my kids sick i really think it has alot to do with the weird wether we are having here at the moment its up and down like a yo yo we are in winter having 20 degree cel days ,walking around in t-shirts now its so cold at the moment , im practically sitting on top of my heater .

    I hope all is well with your family and hope tha tyour husband is still recovering well

    Many Blessings Love and Light Mags xx

  • Thank you Mags for your loving thoughts. Please don't give "emma" a second thought. You have more intuition in your little pinky than I do my whole

    I had a horrible horrible nightmare after I went back to bed this morning. You know those those dreams where you are whimpering and crying in your sleep as you wake? It was awful. Such horrific saddness. I rarely experience those kinds of dreams with overwhelming pain and sadness..but it was there .Well...yesterday morning./ it was post war ....omg it was so sad...I tried to see my kids held hostage in a crumbling building...but their dad said "honey...don't come!!!..." running and seeing bodies strewn about....bodies lie at my feet dead filled with darts and arrows due to another force......I was like a woman in a war zone...and the triumphant leader said...come closer...whats your name....and I saw his bed....and i knew that was what he was not safety he held out...but another form of bondage and horror.

    I cannot even watch any movie with was such a sadness and desperation of spirit that the rememberance even now disturbs me in my waking moment.

    It is if I had the light and grace of seeing my father....and then this dark dark vision...

    I know I am asking spirit to show me understanding.....but I wonder if I can truly take the knowledge into my soul. All of it....the good and the bad.

  • Hi Chris ,

    Yes how upsetting for you just reading it made me cringe lets pray that it was only a nightmare not a vision . I totally dont agree with you about the intuition thing i feel you have a strong connection with spirit particulary with Tony and Jacob coming to you regulary ,ok do you know of a James at all?Ive had a spirit hanging around me for a couple of days now mentioning James i did some healing on another thread for a littleboy and i was picking it up then and i asked the boys aunty and she said her friends name is James but i didnt feel it was that now i am feeling it while i am typing to you . I am starting to get worried as my Mum who is in best of health said the other the other day ,( this year i will be able to put up my new christmas tree if im still here by then that is .) I said what do you mean? she said well im not getting any younger you know . It made me worry as my Dad did the same thing not long before he passed but he wasnt in good health my Mum is , but it doesnt make me feel at ease in anyway as i know we know in our hearts when we have not long left in this world. I hope all is well with you and your family .

    Take care lots of love, light and hugs Mags xx


  • Mags, Jacob and Tony are not coming to me...I just had to go to them that once. I do not want to give you the wrong impression about me. Thank you for your kindess. I think things will develop for me...but it will take time.

    Your intuition and spirit within however, is very strong. James is my son that I almost lost in a car accident. The experience is still very much with me though it happened in 07, and I think you are picking up on it.

    My mother has been giving things away for the last year and a half, mainly because she didnt want us to have to deal with it when the eventuallity does happen....which I hope and pray wont be anytime soon.

    I know what you mean about knowing when our time here is done...I lost a best friend in a house fire, and she knew...she was drawing close to God and asked me to look after her family, make sure they were going to be okay.

    Things are well, thank you.

    I wondered about sharing that horrid dream...I think maybe it highlights my fear of losing my children's relationships.

    So wonderful and good that you are helping others. May God's spirit continue with you, blessing you and your family as well.

    With love and gratitude for your friendship and beautiful light,


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