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  • Hi Mags,

    So good to see you. yayyy!!! 🙂 😄

    Yes, James, Alexander James is my grandson. (James is my son) He was looking a little brighter when I posted that last that you are asking about. I had felt like he was being starved by his mother...both emotionally and physically...always shoving a pacifier in his mouth instead of breast feeding him which is what babies need. At least formula if she wasnt going to.

    I asked God to intervene, because I would only lose my son's relationship to speak my mind.

    He answered.

    Zander, as they call the baby, ended up in the hospital due to a lung problem, where he was diagnosed as "Failing to thrive", which means he wasnt gaining weight as he should, and having small black cysts on his lungs. They were infected. After a week in the hospital they were sent home, this last sunday.

    When James bought the house they are living in he took out dumpload trucks full of a loose insulation. We all helped. I felt like it was death to breathe in fibers, and at first he didnt wear a mask..but then did. She worked in the house with him. There was also a black mold inside the wall next to their bedroom, and I cautioned him about spraying it as well, as mold can settle in the lungs and cause problems. I dont think he took any of it seriously. It would have cost thousands of dollars to clean the place environmentally...and I know he couldnt see a way through that.

    I asked him if he told the doctors about those things, the mold and the insulation...and he didnt. I think he is afraid he may be in trouble if he does, and he doesnt want to do it. His wife has had bronchitis for a month or so. I would be willing to bet she is in denial too...they arent going to tell the doctors.

    Maybe Im wrong. But I dont think so.I think the fibers and mold spores are still in the air, and /or in their bodies.

    Aside from all that happy is okay.

    I finally got started on a photo project, a book. Once i have it done, I will take it to some publishers and see if I should pursue getting it published. I've been thinking about this for years.

    Well, time to get ready for work . Drats!

    Love you Mags,


  • hI cHRIS ,

    Im so sorry to hear about your Grandson . How is he doing now since the doctors sent him home? I understand what you are saying about the house causing health problems , ive heard of this happening before especially in really old houses from the 1950s contain asbestos in the carpet and insulation . Zander i actually really like that name it is unusual . Im sorry i havent replied sooner ive had so much going on my youngest son Jon started school for the first time this week and i was a bit teary eyed at the school . i wont know what to do with myself with no kids at home anymore , i know my house needs a long over due spring clean so i am going to set myself some goals to combat it finally ,especially all the dust on the ceiling fans and everyhere else around the house, i havent washed my windows in ages and i have a good friend that has told me of how she sets goals for herself to get motivated into doing this i am going to give it a try as well. I will pray for your Grandson and send him healing light .

    Thinking of you

    Take care

    love and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    The baby is looking more beautiful all the time. Now that he getting nourishment he is so much more happier. he used to cry all the he sits for long periods, just a watching...he is smiling and laughing more...a little light of love! Doctors may operate in March or May.

    I remember when my oldest started school...I was the same way....but Justin just hopped right in there and excitedly began talking to the bot next to never looked back. And always had a problem talking in

    It feels reallty good to house clean...I procrastinate...but I get in there and accomplish feels so much lighter...the energy in the house.

    We arent on a time table here...just know that I too think of you....and always wanting the best for you.

    Think Ill light a candle and sit quiet for a few before going to work.

    Love and blessings to you Mags,


  • Hi Chris ,

    Im so happy to hear the baby James health is improving , What is it the doctors are operating for again Chris? im not sure if you told me or not sorry i am a bit of a scatter brain at the moment . Chris i will light a candle and send healing energy to baby James you can do it just focus on the flame and say positive affirmations as if you were talking to James himself . I did this for a sick child not long ago and the results were remarkable . Jon has settled into school great no problems there only for me feeling a bit out of sorts with no kids at home , so now im trying to focus on my tarot and housework . I would love to go back to work but there is always the problem of the school holidays and having no one to mind them . My eldest is 11 and im thinking in 9 years she will be 20 and it will go in the blink of an eye . I wish i could talk to time and say hey slow down will you i cant catch up . Well i guess the old saying must be true if life is getting on top of you then its not passing you by.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend take care

    Love , light and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    I havent talked to my son for about a week. I came down sick this morning so I wont be seeing the kids this weekend.

    This will be short....but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy hearing from you.

    You have time now to develop in whatever area you wish...the doors are open

    Much love,


  • I will light a candle and pray for guidance and protection for my children.

    Thank you

  • Hi Chris,

    Im sorry to hear that you are not feeling well , i hope that you feel better soon , thankyou for your kind words they mean a lot and i feel the same about you as well .

    Take care my freind

    Love and(( hugs )) Mags xx

  • I know I am butting in, but I just wanted to say Hi to the both of you and that I love you both!! Hope all is well and forgive me for butting in!


  • Hello T7,

    Long time no see i often think about you and our other thread i miss the good old days , i hope all is well and dont be silly you are not butting in drop by and say hi anytime . I miss our chats

    Love and ((hugs )) to you 2 Mags xx

  • Hi Mags!! I know, I miss them too. Things are well with me. Working on!

  • me to Mishelley lots of changes are happening in my life i have so many things to worry about now , trying to deal with one worry at a time.

  • Mags, I am going to start a new thread for us...

  • ok no props i will look out for it ,

  • Hi Taurus7,

    Of course I don't! The more Love the merrier!! And teaching...and expression of thought.

    Thank you Mags for your love and light. I am feeling much much better. Zander is going in March 15th to do a scan and see what the cyst on his lung is doing. Doctors were thinking by 6 months he would be ready to have the surgery to remove it.

    I have been focusing on our family getting through some very tough financial times...but finally prosperity has made it's way through again, making things much more doable without the constant budgeting and what can we do without.

    Everything is working out except for the tension I feel my son James is going through. part of it may be me....but I am feeling part of his stress is from his wife, though he may not even realize it. Im not sure what is going on. I am trying to keep an open mind.

    Spring trees are blooming and it is going to get warmer here next week. The rose bushes are leaving out.....will be nice when they start blooming again.

    Lets dream big!!!

    Much love to you Mags, and blessings to you all.


    I am applying at different job sites as I feel it is time to make a change....trying for positions that iether bring more financial rewards...and/or more geared to what I wish to do.

  • Mags,

    I am so sorry to see the post about your dog. Very sweet looking pet. The area beneath the ears in the picture looks to me to be swollen, and the sinus cavity around the muzzle. I dont know what normal looks like though.

    When the dog is lying down on her side, start from the tip of her nose and run your hands 2-4 inches above her and feel the energy in a slow methodical way...moving slowly down her body. Can you feel any temperature or energy change? Also runing your hands very lightly along her body with intent to find the injured site will give you an indication if she flinches or becomes more acutely aware of your presence at that location.

    This will tell you if it is one of her organs.

    I was in a vet office today, and both a cat owner and a dog owner mentioned that their animals had diabetes. I thought that rather odd.

    Sending you love and prayers...for pets are dear friends too.

  • Hi Chris ,

    My dog was tested for diabetes as well all sorts of test where done but the vet still doesnt know what the cause is , he has blood in his urine it was a terrible infection , i have been crying my eyes out all weekend i really thought he was going to die . The vet seems to think it could be his prostate but we need to see his stools before he can make that determination ,and its pretty hard for my dog to do pooh when he hasnt eaten in days so but the vet is still not a hundred percent sure it is this as if this was the case my dog would have responded to medication in the first place . it has been such a nightmare Chris , he is looking heaps better now thankgod , and is eating a little , i just wish i knew what the true cause is, it is very frustrating , like i said to Captain the vet checked his ears out as my dog has had ear infections in the past and said his ears were fine. He was drooling from his mouth i forgpt to mention that to Captain , and the vet said he was very dehydrated . I came home from shopping on thursday and he wouldnt respond to me i put his lead on him and normally he gets so excited jumping up and down nothing , he was shivering a little the day before but i didnt think much of it as the temperature was low . whatever it is it came on him quickly and with a vengance . I just hope that its nothing the kids can catch as well . Thankyou for your kind words it means alot i will rub my hands on his body and see what i pick up i will keep you posted . i hope all is well .

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags,

    So good to know he better, and thoughts are with you.

    Had an outing with James and family...was very nice and got to hear my grandbaby's voice. I have seen so little of him poor baby was scared of me at first. He is 6 mnths. Thay are having the CAT scan today.Will keep you posted.

    Love to you and the family, and may he continue getting better.

  • Yayyyy! No surgery for Zander, my grandson.

    Hope your pet is doing better

  • Patch - i have to say this..your graciousness exceeds the norm! What a gift you have for love!! I know this....bc love matters to me too!!! So much going on for you..yet you still love unconditionally!! How powerful darlin!! Keep it real and keep that going.....

    Love you!!


  • Hi Patch ,

    Thats great news about your Grandson , i pray the scan comes back clear . My dog is a little better ,fingers crossed he makes a full recovery . I hope all is well .

    Love and hugs 2 u my friend.

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