Can someone give me insight on a Leo Man!

  • Hello....I have been in this non-relationship, on and off kind of meet and smile when you see each other again after so many years relationship, it really doesn't have a title. I have known this person for over 20 years. I want to know if he truely has feeling for me or is he just playing me like he has in the past, I always thought I had done something wrong and it really took a lot out of me emotionally. I couldn't get over what he had done to me. He would woo me and then you would not here from him for several months without an excuse why,

    I know I shouldn't think bad of this person, for the way he made me feel all of these years, but I get this strong feeling that he is thinking of me again.

    If anyone could give me a reading or input on this I would be so greatful.

    My birthday is 10-19-61 I know his birthday is 7-27-possibly 1966, he will be 45 this year. Thank you anyone that will give me a reading.

  • Hello lovetolearn

    Since you love to learn this man is giving you the chance to do just that.

    He is a leo/cancer and that makes him a man of many facuets that may even make him confused about himself at times and what he wants in a woman. You have the fire and passion he so seeks that he returns to you time and again . Yet he is a freedom lover and does not want to be tied down to anyone or at times anything,

    You have allowed him to come in and out of your life and now you are building a fence so to speak against his amor. You now will begin to want someone different and will meet just a man in a social setting like a church or a welcome group . This man will be in his fifties and not look it as he has taken good care of himself, he will be a man of nature and like the outdoors . hiking and such. Please give this new fellow a chance in your life as I see him coming in the next three months.


  • Oh Wow!...You are so correct about this person, I used to wave at him when he drove by, I think it just added to his ego., but I stopped doing that, I choose not to acknowledge him anymore. And I think it drives him crazy because he is wondering why I no longer want anything to do with him, but in a way I am always thinking about him. I think it hurts his ego. I have often wandered how a person can get over this situation or is this just an illusion!

    You are so on the spot correct with what you just said. Thank you for your input. If you had the time, Could you please give me a full report on my next phase of my life. Thank you so much!

  • Hi lovetolearn, I'm a female leo, but I have a brother inlaw who is also a leo. I should let u know that I see alot of similarities with my brother inlaw as myself in nature. One thing I notice is that we love to genuinely make people feel special and comfortable...I know that in my brother inlaws past that he had several women pursuing him however he only wanted to be friends with them. Some got very upset with him because he treated them like gold and yet they perceived it as though he was actually interested in a relationship with them. The sad thing in life is that women/men are so mistreated socially that when a genuine person with a genuine gift of loving thy neighbor, and showing everyone love can be perceived wrong and/or hurtful. I am so sorry that you may have perceived his actions in such a way that you feel he has hurt you. However I can say that in all probability this was not his intent at leos are givers, we give materially, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically (depending on the person). That is why we are ruled by the sun, planets circle the sun, the sun provides for each planet what it can and what it may need, the sun draws out the best/and sometimes the worst qualities of each other sign. But ultimately it depends on whether or not the leo person is negative or positive themselves. I know my brother inlaw is a beautiful person, and very kind hearted, but I know he never meant to hurt any woman along the way. He really is a respectful gentleman, his mama taught him that aswell. So although u may have thought your leo man was interested in you, he may actually just be a kind man, wanting to make others he comes into contact with feel special with what he has to offer, true genuine loving kindness that is VERY RARE among our world. I, myself have been accused of being a flirt, and such, but I am only doing the same as I stated above. I just want people to feel special, but I am not interested in anything more either...but how do I determine who is capable of realizing that I am not seeking more than a friendship with them? Do I go against my natural instinct of treating others with love, and start treating them like crud, or ignore them altogether. Never may that be so! I believe that is why we as leos usually have a great following of friends and/or potential mates. I hope this might help you to understand in some positive way...and if u really want to know if he is interested in you more than friends, why not ask him in some way if he is single...and go from there. I know from experience that if a leo is interested in you, you will most definitely know! Leos "love" laserbeam focusses only on YOU, and he will wine and dine you, buy you gifts, spend lots of time with you, spoil you rotten, just a few examples. But don't get attached until u definitely know he is interested, cause our friendliness can be deceiving...we do want what is good for all people. We don't intend to at all go out to harm others. Take care.

  • Messanger.....Thank you for your post. It gives me alot to think about before I decide to jump in with both feet. Thanks again!

  • Shuabby....Can you give me a name of this person that I will meet?

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