Blmoon..A reading?

  • Hello dear Blmoon, have not heard from you in a long while.

    but i am looking for a reading, and just been kind of lost a lot lately. I changed my name on tarot so this is AngelBee. 🙂 Iv been going through a lot of health stuff too, still haven't manage to sort that out yet but hopefully going to see the doctors or something like that soon. Been digging deep into spiritual stuff too. and finished college now, Not sure where i am going to go next with the education, money and things is tight at the moment, and my mum and her boyfriend are splitting up definitely too at the moment, so lots of emotions going around and things. sometimes its OK and sometimes its not. I have been going through a lot myself, still dealing with the depression, on and off. but getting there slowly. I hope you do not mind, with this, and hoping you will get back to me, its been a long time. but i know i have accomplished some things since then. and still going with it, even though its hard sometimes. hope your doing well yourself, its good to see you around looking forward to hearing from you, if you do not answer, i do understand.

    Love and light LotusPrincess Aka ( AngelBee) 🙂

  • Didn't I give you a health warning with advice awhile back? I'm not picking up too much at the moment for you other than exhaustion--and a big feeling that not to take anything right now too seriouse as far as drama--in fact feel like once the dust settles there will be a whole new direction on all levels. Do not force anything--rest and get your health habits in order. I will have to look up old posts as spirit keeps insisting you have gotten advice. Seems to me it was kidney and toxins related. Bad dietary habits---not flushing the kidneys---sodas? Or cafien overload? Not eating enough at times and then a bit of sugar binge as a pick me up--poor sleep. Toxins building up. I'm tired at the moment--will get back to you.

  • Thanks, blmoon- yes i did abit, just feeling a little bit out of sorts lately, and trying to follow others advice but not good at it lol- ill keep trying, with coming of the sodas,n cafien i only drink tea. that seems to help sometimes. but i am guessing, ill have to stop with both, ill try water, n more juices.

    got a lot of work on and things to sort out that i feel i should be doing, i know i have been given advice, but im always one to contradict it, or double check it. guess i am just a little worried thats all.. I know that what i must do, is just hard to get started too. and trying to find the best time to start.

    thanks Love Bee 🙂

  • Think i might have found the answer, some thought stoamch ulcer, but not sure.. thinking it might be the cause of the problems from the drinks n stuff.. what do you think? if so would you recommend any tablets n things like that, since i maybe going to the doctors was thinking blood tests or something. least then i can sort of figure out what is bugging my stoamch so much, n causing my feeling sick n dizzyness. maybe that all of yours is included too. but there symptoms nearly match all of mine. though not quite as bad. hoping i wont have to take tablets for it, but i will if i have to. Thank you for trying even though i asked already before. i just got so much on my mind at the moment, that i cant sleep, or eat properly, not really looking after myself as best i could, but trying too. I guess there is so much going on at home, that i cant think straight sometimes. its about midnight here, my useual sleeping time will be in about n hour or two. then i sleep till 12 in the afternoon. guess my body clock needs changing too. huh. Hope your doing well, i will sort this out eventually, im just slow learner, and doing this on my own is a little difficuilt, but i will get it. Love you Hugs Bee Xx

  • Hey Blmoon, feeling a little bit better at the moment. still got a lot to work on though. Hope your doing well. Love Bee Xx 🙂

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