Is this marriage a successful one?

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    My details 01 April 1982 and my husband details 12 march 1980.Currently facing a rough patch in life.Many differences of opinion in married life.Is this marriage going to be a successful one or will he walk out of this marriage?Is there any possibility that he will leave me for another girl?Please someone help me.I want to know if my husband is going to love me forever or will he change his interest to someone else?Thanking you in advance.

  • Hi si12,

    I'm sorry you are feeling so much confusion at this time.

    How long have you been married, and why the anxiety...what is happening to make you so afraid of losing him?

    What are the differences in your opinions? What does he value in a marriage...and what do you?

  • Its been 2 years and we have compatiability issues.I just want to know if this marriage is a successful one.Kindly help.

  • I am not a reader, Im sorry. Try posting again a new thread until someone hears you.

    Best of luck...truly.

    if you just want to lay the issues out on the line specifically to talk them out here...Im a good listener. I am in my second marriage of 4 yrs, and have asked the same questions.

    We still have very different ways of looking at things, but our love for one another reassures that we can be our individual selves and still maintain a loving marriage.

    We both made adjustments with love and understanding.

    I wish you the best.

  • Can someone predict the situation

  • hi can someone throw some light please

  • si12

    What an interesting marriage this can be if you can accept that you married your polor opposite. You are fire and he is water, so you will have to be careful with how you express your feelings to him. He may be sensitive and you unknowingly blunt out your words without thinking that you are hurting his feelings with them.

    He may not understand you yet, but you can help him to do so by having a one hour a week sit down and tell each other what you need in areas that do need worked on in each of your lives and marriage. Even if it is to tell him that he needs to clean up the bathroom after himself and for you he may need to take your concerns more to heart. These are ex-samples only .

    I feel that you made a mad rush into this marriage and now after two years the lust has wanded a bit and reality sets in. If you do not feel that you have a best friend by your side that will stand by you than that is where the doubt comes in on both sides.

    I have been married for 18 years now and believe me dear it does take work, it will not last without devotion and understanding that you are both different and you both have to accept those things that drive you insane(just let the small stuff go) and really sincerely work on the ISSUES.

    I don't see him straying away from you. You are woman and can roar, but in your husband case roar softly and with the best smelling perfume in town.


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