Darned Justice Card Confusion!

  • I did a reading where the question was "Is Guy a good romantic match for Girl?

    The present situation card was King of Cups, the Desires/Fears was 4 Cups, the Helpful Matters Card was Strength, the Opposing Obstacles Card was The Fool and the Outcome Card was the Justice Card.

    I interpreted it as there being obstacles and slow movement, but marriage could be attained by being balanced in the relationship. The couple just started dating. Does anyone else have insight to the outcome of the Justice Card?

  • Here comes another of my favourite Liam Neeson quotes; "Justice is balance." So you are already on the mark heavenlyboheme, the outcome will be balanced, possibly a marriage if that is what you picked up 🙂

  • Thanks PisceanHealer!

    I've read that it could mean legal documents like marriage or divorce, but knowing that they're just starting out, it seems safe to say more marriage than divorce 🙂

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